After a few weeks in my favorite place Da Lat, I am back to Nha Trang… From December 17th upto January 25th, Da Lat is at their peak season as the Vietnamese Tourists flock to the town with coolest temperature.  Everything are marked up for the Holiday as well as their 115th year celebration for the city.Lyndsay's Nha Trang Beach Photo

Now, best Holiday Beach in Vietnam, I’m back to Nha Trang!  This is where I’m gonna celebrate Holidays too! Weeeeeeeeeeee!  Tourists are everywhere, even the ocean is quite a dumper for a good swim, nothing can stop them to take a good dip and swim!  Amazing and beautiful sceneries, great beach…just chillin’ and sunbathing along the beach will make your day…:D

It is the best holiday beach in Vietnam, and I’m back here to Nha Trang! Isn’t just that, amazing? It is…lol…It really is.

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10 thoughts on “Best Holiday Beach in Vietnam, I’m Back to Nha Trang!

  1. Sounds great to me, wish I could go… NOW…. but I’m going somewhere else tomorrow, not as hot as Vietnam, but nice enough for me. Better than Sweden right now anyway. Cold but without snow, just some frost.

    Flying to one of the Canarian islands in Spain tomorrow: Tenerife and staying for 2 weeks. I love to explore new places, so we’ll have fun for sure!

  2. A Lifecruiser: Wow, I miss European weather…I have been to Spain but only in Barcelona, when I was working on a luxury ship and didn’t have enough time to see all the beautiful places there, I saw Sagrada Familia Cathedral which I regret I don’t have yet my own camera then. 🙁

    I wish to go back there one day, any tips of backpacking areas in Spain? Thank for dropping by! 😀

  3. Hey, just stumbled across your site. So you’re in vietnam backpacking? i will be there on march for two weeks, and plan to go around too. any cool places to go? it’s my third time in vietnam, but i’ve only been in saigon for work. hope to hear form you.

  4. Hello Rj! yeah, I am backpacking for 6 months now around Southeast Asia..Thailand, Laos, and got caught up with the cost of living and amazing people as well as places here in Vietnam. So I extended my free visa to three month visa to stay here longer.

    Well, from Saigon you can get to the nearest tourist town which is Muine, famous for the desert, I haven’t been there yet but I’m planning…just can’t get enough of Nha Trang beach. Then, from Muine there’s Da Lat, which is like our own Baguio city, cool temperature, and sceneries. I’ve been there, one of my favorites! Then Nha Trang for beach stuff.

    Also, if you don’t have enough time to travel yet you wanna see all the beautiful places in Vietnam? Vietnam system is amazing for their OPEN TOUR buses, where tourists can book their way from North to South of Vietnam tourist places, and otherwise. The most common tour is from Saigon- Muine-Da Lat(usually not included but you can pay extra to get the bus drop you off there)-Nha Trang-Hoi An- Hue- Hanoi. I son’t recommend Hanoi though its really crazy up there, but if you wanna check out the amazing Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island, you have to pass trough Hanoi, its further up Hanoi.

    Hope I have helped you with that information. Also, if you need to get to book Open Tour Bus, be sure to get it from the REAL SINH CAFE so you’ll not get scammed. I have several experiences of scams and met backpackers who been through the same, so just to help you skip that terrible part, check out the details on my posts about them.


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