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Best Deal I’ve Got for Sunglasses!!!

Best Deal I've Got for Sunglasses!!!

Ray Ban Sunglasses from Vietnam

Chillin’ out on the beach one afternoon in Nha Trang, Vietnam…as the usual thing happens in Vietnam, marketers will come to ask you to buy stuff, candies, chips, peanuts, fruits,etc. I was not in the mood of buying anything but chill…sigh…but that’s Vietnam.

Best Deal I've Got for Sunglasses!!!

Stretchable Sunglasses

There was one lady who sells sunglasses came and ask us to buy sunglasses…what caught my attention was the sunglasses that she tried to pull in and out like a stretchable rubber in front of us. She said it costs 150,000 VND ($9 USD), down to 100,000 VND ($6 USD) because I’m not interested, to 90,000 VND ($5.45 USD), 80,000 VND ($4.85 USD).

Best Deal I've Got for Sunglasses!!!

100,000 VND for 2 Sunglasses

Some sunglasses cost 45,000-50,000 VND ($3 USD), and then I ended up asking her 2 for 100,000 VND ($6 USD). I mean, the stretchable one and one which is 45,000 VND. I didn’t thought she would agree to that, but she did! I felt obligated to take it, but in any case, it is a great deal for two!!! Specially for the stretchable pair! Awesome, isn’t it? COOL!!!

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