character fashion

What the heck is Character Fashion? You might ask.  It just came out of my out of this world mind, that what I mean about it is just simply dressing up according to your character, to your mood at the moment you want to dress up.  It does not matter whether your outfit is in the current trend, but what matters is that you look good from within.

Like, dress from how do you feel like dressing up.  You don’t have to look glamorous all the time when you don’t feel like it.  Dress according to what your instinct is dictating and not what the society or the trend is saying.  What’s important in fashion (that most people forget) is that it’s all about YOU!  So, the heck to the people around you! Feeling great about yourself is more important than thinking what others think about you.  Your thoughts matter, not theirs.

So, dress up like emo if you feel like it.  Dress simply, preppy, girly, boyish, sporty, however you feel like at the moment.  It will always look good on you if you know how to follow from within, follow your true you!

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