You are probably thinking, What the heck is Beauty Vice Versa Illness?  I made up that word from my observation.  Yes, I did…lol  It started since I was a kid, when everyone from the Philippines whether from the neighborhood, my family, my classmates, even growing up and started working…my workmates… True, true, that we are all finding everyone different as beautiful.

The women on the western movies with blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, pointed nose, and taller than us, we find them beautiful.  That is what our definition of beauty, yet to them it is vice versa!  The world is crazy isn’t it?  The truth is, we find what we don’t have beautiful because it is unusual to our sight.  Just all we know that Western women are spending tons of money to get a fake tan, and Asian women vice versa, we spend tons of money with all the whitening skin care products and all that.  Hair coloring the hair of  the hottest haircolor trend from what we think is beautiful.

Well, I admit I was one of those Asian girls who once spend a lot and did everything to hide from the sun and bombarded myself with skin whitening stuff because I wanted to fit in to the category of beautiful in Asian culture.  Then comes the catapult of this thought was when I worked on board a luxury cruise with the other European and Western women.  They all find my skin awesome and then I realize that if they find it amazing, why the heck am I trying to change what costing them tons of money and natural for me.

I reckon that everyone has their categorical perception of what is beautiful and what is not.  It is just a state of mind which “The Little Prince” quoted, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.  So, that means if you appreciate what you have is great because we are all beautiful in our own way, hey.  Whether we are tanned or fair skinned, we will always be beautiful and not vice versa, it is just an illness easy to cure by just appreciating what we have.

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