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Why Splurge on Spa?

Traveling anywhere in the world especially during Summer Season, most travelers are doing it to relax.  Mostly, backpacking which is very tiring …but when they get to their destination, they splurge money on relaxation.  Well, maybe not splurge in a way that they will spend all their money for it.  I mean, they will look for all the cheapest stuff available for relaxation and pamper themselves, from whole year working and backpacking adventures, they truly deserves it.

Beauty Spas Everywhere, Where’s The Cheapest?

Beauty Spas are everywhere, but where’s the cheapest?  So far, traveling Southeast Asia, Vietnam is the most affordable and guess what?  They do the same services you get from the yuppie ones.  Back from my home country, the cheapest I can get for massage is Php 500 ($ 10 USD) and this is the  cheap okay Massage/Spa center, in Thailand it ranges from 700-1000 THB ($26-38 USD) good Spa center, and here in Vietnam its from 90,000 VND and up($ 5 USD) from a beach front resort spa, which you could use their swimming pool or pool table and other amenities or just chill out at the restaurant and resort.  How’s that? Cool, isn’t it?

Do You Know How to Bargain?

If you still don’t like the price, you can get cheaper… Along the beach there are sunbathing chairs available for rent from 17,000 VND Up ($1 USD Up) and massage ladies will ask you if you want to get massage service while you’re lying there from 40,000 VND (from $2 USD), upto you how good you are in bargaining skills.

Next time you go on the run backpacking or traveling to Southeast Asia, do not forget to visit Nha Trang, this is the best place to hang out, you get the most of your money’s worth.  Don’t Forget Da Lat, Vietnam as well!

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