Since you now all know(err,somehow) I was backpacking solo, I enjoyed giving you a bit of updates what I did and where I went during my adventure.  Sure I did forget a lot of things that I wish I brought with me, and more often than not, I should have known how to shop when backpacking wisely.

(Image courtesy of Leizel Avila: Me in Khao San Road, Bangkok)

Beauty and Fashion Survival Tips When Travelling

Let us begin what we should have, all travellers, lend me your ears… Hear ye! hear ye!

Beauty Must Haves

Sunscreen/Sunblock. Bring the strongest SPF lotion you have beacause travelling around tropical places (specially Southeast Asia), you’ll never know how hot is one country to another(I came from Philippines but never thought there were places hotter than Manila, or maybe I didn’t get to go out of my comfort zone then to realize it). Protect your skin when backpacking or even if just a normal day just going out under the sun, just a heads up (common sense).

Mosquito Spray. Yes, where there is humidity, there are mosquitoes.  Better be prepared or you will not enjoy the party when you are too busy working out your reflexes against the annoying mosquitoes trying to ruin your party! It is indeed a life saver! (Against Dengue fever too! Better be safe than sorry).

Well, those are the best ones for your beauty must haves on the go.  Up to you if you need more than that, but those two are generally what you should have, really.

Fashion Must Haves

Fashion is always under or overrated but whatever we do, wherever we go it is always there.  Even traveling around in a backpack. I know it(backpacking) taught me not to be really fuzzy on stuff but that does not mean I stopped trying to wear nice clothes and look better during the adventure(it’s hard I know to be fuzzy, but I have let it go that very part of me).  Not just me though, you’ll see backpackers still trying to look their best while backpacking and I call it Backpacker’s Fashion.

So don’t forget the following fashion items for survival… Yes, I’m thinking about the purpose of the item now(because I don’t want to carry a heavy backpack and a luggage the next time!).

Sweater. I know, I know that when you’re backpacking tropical countries with 35- 45 degrees hot weather temperature you would likely not gonna use it and will end up just another weight you carry in your backpack. NOT!  I mean, I myself does not know that there are places and times I could not predict(even if I was born in a tropical country) when temperature drops so quickly.  I happen to experience a cold 20 degrees Bangkok 2 weeks ago which surprises everyone(yes, even Western travellers were wearing sweaters all day long!).  Just carry a sweater to be safe, not a jacket.

Scarf. Scarves are always handy.  It is multi-purpose, you can wear them around when you’re cold, as an accessory, a skirt, a beach wrap around dress, or a mat on the beach, etc.

Sunglasses. You should always carry a pair of these, no questions asked.  Okay, so you still want to ask why. It’s for your eye protection!  Most of my time without sunglasses walking around ends me up squinting (and looking like an angry woman, as my friend Doug said) walking down the street. Can you imagine if that looks good?

Sneakers/Rubber Shoes. Or whatever sports shoes you can use for a highly active day when you do such things like hiking, trekking, climbing, walking.  Yes, I have a pair but I left it in Bangkok when I went to Krabi (which is headless, not thinking I might do some strenous like caving and rock climbing), well at least  I reminded you.

Aside from your swimsuit, everyday clothes(which i suggest don’t bring a lot because you’ll end up buying some clothes along the way whether you need it or not), flip flops, and a travel toothbrush(maybe not this one because you can get them anywhere).  Also, may I warn you NOT to bring unnecessary stuff(in my case, a pair of jeans! I thought I’d wear border crossing to protect me from I don’t know what, that I didn’t end up using because it was too hot for me to wear it traveling Southeast Asia!). Oh well, my backpacking wasn’t planned anyway that is why I have a whole luggage with me everywhere which is quite annoying, it’s not that I forgot the travel packing tips.  Thinking positive, it wasn’t a planned trip but it was amazing! (never mind the luggage, it has wheels anyway).

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2 thoughts on “Beauty and Fashion Must Haves On The Go

  1. Hi! Hows it going?
    You got me at pinoy backpackers! where art thou!

    Just wanted to let you know your not alone.


    1. Thanks Kimay, Awesome! I’m in the Philippines right now currently working on a BPO company and just catually came back yesterday from the Pinatubi trip, it was really amazing!

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