Makeups have been a major part of women’s beauty regimens whether light makeups or heavy makeups most women use it to present themselves well.  How one use makeup often tells a lot about one’s personality.

There are also tricks how to use makeup properly and codes of using colors and different types of it.  Using makeup isn’t really hard, it is just a matter of what suits your style and personality and converting it to color that will look good on you.

Makeup artists are the people who have mastered the art of painting one’s face to create different looks.  There are different types of makeup artists as well such as…

  • Theatrical Makeup Artist (MA-Makeup Artist)
  • Fashion M.A.
  • Prosthetic Artist
  • Special Effects M.A. (FX)
  • Airbrush
  • Etc…

These are the people that are knowledgeable in specific makeup tricks to acquire the looks that their clients want to have.  Their services often quite an amount of money.  However, you could master putting on makeup on yourself, make yourself look better, save money from hiring professional M.A., or make money out of that acquired skill.  Those are the benefits you can get by learning and doing it by yourself.

Tips How to Be Your Own MakeUp Artist

RESEARCH. Researching information on how to do it makes a lot of help if you want to achieve and take advantage of the benefits of learning how to do it yourself.

READ & LEARN. Learning is acquired through reading and practical application.  Techniques and ways to do it easier information are widely available in books and the Internet.

PRACTICE. Make yourself the practice ground.  Why not? If you get to master the skill, you will be the one first to benefit the most.  Plus the fact that you know yourself very well, what you like and your style, what are you allergic to and what’s not.

COLORS. Colors has a lot to do with the look you want to acquire.  The thing is, not all colors will suits everyone.  You wouldn’t want to push a color that would look terrible on you or to your client for a better output.

TRICKS & SKILL. Perhaps tricks and skills will have to interfere with that.  Knowing yours or your client’s style and personality should be noted,  what look one would want to have.  From there, work on the color that will create the look that the client wants.

LEARNING FROM PROFESSIONALS. You can even learn more or expand your self-taught skills by sometimes acquiring a professional service.  That way you will be in tuned with what’s new in the industry, new tools, new makeup trend like mineral makeups, new style, etc…  Although, if you want it to cost less, watching latest event movie clips or examining fashion or movie photos for some trends and looks will help you get updated.

More and more ways to learn things that you would want to learn are available around us,  I might not be able to catch all of them to share it with you but I believe you would get what you need when you need it.  So, I hope these tips would have helped you a bit in your everyday quest of looking good and feeling the best!

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