Are you a frequent flyer? Do you travel a lot? Or do you love getting best deals for your flights?  This is your chance to get more out of the best flights with Air Asia.

(My earned points email!)

We all know that Air Asia is one of the leading budget airlines in Southeast Asia (that also flies to Europe and Asia Pacific), from it’s local and international flights offered, you have another opportunity to get freebies from your flights.  How?  All you have to do is sign up to become a BIG Shot member.

(Just got my BIG Shot Member Card!)


What’s this BIG Shot all about?  Big Shot promotions is giving out points on every flights you book with Air Asia once you are already a member, you get a free Big Shot Mastercard/ Visa Card if you reside within Malaysia but if not, you still get your BIG Shot Membership Card and your points in your account (only, you don’t get your visa/mastercard card).  Your earned points from your flights can be redeemed for a free airfare starting from 500points or you can convert it for shopping, concerts, travels, and couriers.

The points will be processed on your Big Shot account after the date of your flight.  Few days after your flight, email will be sent to you from Air Asia’s Big Shot Teamgiving you the points you have earned from that flight.

I personally don’t care about the other freebies, but I’m interested with free flights.  I just received my 50 points earned from my Manila-Davao-Manila Trip with Air Asia which means it is not hard to earn points with them.  Making FREE Flights with Air Asia possible too.  I didn’t wait for another second when I found out about it, so what are you travelers waiting for?  Sign Up now and be an Air Asia BIG Shot member to start earning points!!!


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4 thoughts on “Be a BIG Shot Flyer with Air Asia

  1. I’ve flown with Air Asia about… well, more than 20 times in the last 18 months, but I never signed up for this. I never used loyalty cards at supermarkets in the UK either. I guess I’m too obsessed with freedom that I don’t want to feel tied to one company, even if I use them all the time anyway out of laziness.

    Am I stupid? You can give me your big shot ID and I’ll rack up points for you, if that’s legal :p

  2. As an experiment, I signed up to the BIG scheme after you posted this in August and just checked how many points I’ve earned since then.

    After flying with Air Asia eight more times in the last six months (including long haul flights to/from Australia), I earned a measly 750 points – for context, even a promo fare for a 2-hour flight needs more than 15,000 points to be redeemed! That means if I keep travelling at the same rate and only using Air Asia, it’d take me 10 years to redeem enough points to travel between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok free.

    Not worth it!

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