(The Grand Palace from Chao Phraya River view)

Have you ever heard any backpacker going to Bangkok that is not looking forward to stay or at least visit the ever popular Khaosan Road?  In my experience, none.  All of them are all heading to the craziest backpacker street in Thailand’s capital!  If you’re a backpacker then you know why, but for those who are backpacker-would-be who haven’t been there, there are lots of reason why and let me list down for you to get a grasp of what are they?

What Makes Khaosan Road Popular to Backpackers?

  • Budget Accommodation.  First and foremost, since backpackers travel on a budget, the accommodation tops the list as to why the hell they would flock in one location.  Places varying from mid-range hotels to hostels offering dorm rooms as low as 200 Baht a night.  Khaosan Road area to the neighboring streets, cheap accommodations are everywhere.
  • Cheap Food. Amazing street foods are abundant around the area, from on the spot cooked Pad Thai and Fried Rice (Rambruttri Road has a good cheap on the spot cooking street resto that I recommend), to fresh fruit shakes, kebabs, and even sweets.  Not to mention the market near Khaosan offers great variety of cheap foods in the morning ’til Khaosan starts rolling at around 6pm.
  • Tourist Attractions.  The place is accessible to the city’s famous attractions such as The Grand Palace which is just a few blocks away (you can get there on foot), Wat Arun by water bus, floating market by bus 79, and the King Rama Bridge along Chao Phraya River where the water bus go through.
  • Adventure. If you fancy a little adventure on exotic foods, Khaosan Road offers different bugs to taste from grasshoppers, worms, ants, scorpions and the likes are visible on the street of Khaosan.
  • Pubs.  Having fun for most would require alcohol and the street have a lot of pubs or clubs that offer different promotions such as free drinks for ladies, buy 1 take 1, or at the wee hours of the morning some street bars get their promo to the max and pumps their ear numbing bass speakers play disco music.  Street party starts with these!
  • Artistic Shows. You’ll get to see different artist performing on the streets too.  Sometimes local and sometimes artistic backpackers, mostly fund raising for a cause which blows my mind how people who doesn’t seems to care really care for other people.
  • Shopping Heaven.  For first time shoppers in Bangkok, Khaosan Road is a giant pool of shopping items specially at sundown.  Items from clothing, accessories, home decorations, paintings, etc.  Name it!
  • Relaxation Shops.  After a long day walk around the temples or exhausted from shopping, you can relax and get a Thai massage, foot spa, or the fish spa everywhere from 180 THB and up, depending on the service you want.  Salons are everywhere too or if you feel like getting afro braids, yes, they are available at the streets of Khaosan area.
  • Cheap Travel Agencies.  Backpackers are travelers, and they will not stay forever in Khaosan Road but the street offers almost everything a backpacker needs.  Next stop can be booked anywhere in Khaosan Road, all you need is to check the agency with the cheapest rate.  They offer relatively the same rate but sometimes if you just turn one corner, you can get cheaper than what you think is already cheap. Plan ahead just a bit, to get a better deal.

After all the above listed reasons what Khaosan Road has to offer, you now know why backpackers flood this road when they are in Bangkok?  Well, if you’re still not convinced then I think you should check it out yourself and enjoy what it has to offer.  Be safe on your travels!


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One thought on “Bangkok’s Backpackers Code, Khaosan Road!

  1. I used to stay at cheaper accommodation further up the river (50 to 150 baht when I used to stay in dorms), but this place is useful as a hub between trips. It seems that pretty much every street in Thailand has easy street food, like khao man guy and stuff.

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