Bangkok Airport Transfers

Planning a trip to Bangkok?  Great! There are tons of Bangkok Airport Transfers available at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, BUT be aware of the REAL Prices of the transportation fee and avoid getting ripped off.

All I can say is that there are a lot of people trying to make a living out there, you can’t blame them to charge higher than usual.  It is your decision anyway, they are just trying and if it works then a great day for their business.  However, I would like to share different choices for Bangkok Airport Transfers and their real fee.

AIRPORT TAXI – Bangkok Airport Taxi charges are from 700-1,500 THB.  I have fallen for 700 Baht taxi ones from the airport to Khaosan Road, but the real price is 500 Baht.

NOTE: Bargain down prices politely, haggling is common in Southeast Asia whether on food, stuff, and taxis from airport (get taxi metered ones on all of your taxi rides, although from the airport is hard to find).  Do not start bargaining from too low or too high prices, always meet the halfway.

AIRPORT MINI-BUS – This is basically a van, but commonly mini-bus in Thailand.  Real price is 150 Baht per person from Khaosan Road to Airport or the otherway around (Airport to your destination will always be like 10-20 Baht higher).

AIRPORT EXPRESS BUS – I don’t know about the express…lol…but really they are quite slow for an express.  You can always get this Airport transfers at the Level 1, near entrance 8 for 130 Baht.  This is exact and no negotiations or overpricing activity, so save your haggling power for somewhere than you can.

TIP: You should always make sure of your destinations before buying tickets, inform the agent on where you exactly wants to go as some drivers doesn’t speak English, you don’t want to get lost and get stuck with non-english speaking driver not  knowing what to do next.  Also, Buses have different numbers for different destinations AE2 are for buses to Khaosan Road route.

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