(Airport Shuttle Bus, Closed!)

It was almost 2 years since I was last seen in Bangkok, March 2011 to be exact.  I survived going in and out of Bangkok, going to and from the airport using the airport shuttle bus for the cheapest fee of 180 Baht one way from airport to Khaosan Road (The backpacker‘s area where I usually end up going).

September 2012, after a year and a half I was still depending on taking the airport shuttle bus to Khaosan Road since its last stop was directly in front of the usual dormitory I stayed in that street, but unfortunately, whoever I ask at the airport says airport shuttle bus company is CLOSED.  I didn’t believe the first lady I asked, so I tried a young Thai man that works with Air Asia as his ID indicates and he aid the same.  He advised me how to take the Airport Link (Bangkok Mass Transport Service[BTS]) but if I’m not familiar using it, he said I better get a taxi and pay around 400-450 Baht, which I did.

It sucks, having used to paying 180 Baht one way for a one person to 450 Baht, it was a bit disappointing for my budget but then again, on this trip there’s no turning back and that’s the only way to get to where I wanna be.  However, I suggest to take the Airport Link to get cheaper(if you’re a budget conscious traveler like me).  All you have to do is alight at the Phaya Thai Station (50 Baht) and from there, you still need to take a 30 minute cab ride to Khaosan Road (if you’re heading there) for around 150 Baht depends on the traffic.  It will cost less than the 450 Baht they charge from the airport if you are willing to take that adventure and save a bit of money.

Well, I hope this helps to those who are traveling to Bangkok again, so you won’t end up shocked like me when I was back first week of September.  If you’re in Bangkok now or soon will, then… Welcome to Bangkok!

UPDATE (as of September 2013)

Although they have closed the shuttle service, there is a bus just right outside the Don Mueang Airport that leaves every 30 minutes for 30THB to Mochit BTS Station.

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3 thoughts on “Bangkok Airport Shuttle Bus Service – CLOSED!

  1. It’s been closed since at least November 2011 – I was sceptical too, thinking they were just trying to get more money for the cab services, but I did the metro + taxi thing. You can also take minibuses to other places in Bangkok for about 60 baht.

    I always hate walking past the taxi services, when they see a single white guy and enthusiastically shout “Pattaya!” at me. I feel like telling them I’m not that sort of tourist!

    Now AirAsia’s moved to Don Muang (as of tomorrow?), it might be quicker for people going to/from the Khaosan area.

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