(Sweet couple at the shore of Nha Trang, Vietnam)

Backpacking isn’t all about traveling, soul searching, a little shopping , and romance does not only live in the regular world (I was thinking if I should use real world, but backpacking is real as well and it was my world for god knows how long!).  Well, yes, it happens.

When you’re traveling around, you get to meet different people from different background, races, groups, and all.  You spend time with them, go to the beach, party, eat out, snorkel, swim, climb, and all those fun activities you’re up to in your travel. Of course, there are people that will get your attention once in a while or in every place you go, and having crushes (yep, in the plural form) is not a crime.

When Love Found You While You’re Traveling

What about when something seems to make simple crush a little complicated? Like a backpacking romance.  That is when makes your adventure becomes a real adventure!  Why? Because suddenly, you have to think and weigh things (when you should be enjoying your solo trip).  That is when you start asking, if you’re living in a real world? (Dang! I’m being cheesy!).

I met friends who found love when traveling around like my buddy Leizel(and I am giggling listening to their stories), one British guy in Bangkok says he knows he will meet someone during his travel(that’s cool hey, he was so sure that he will), some of them had a ‘fling’, while most of the people I met have several crushes (including myself, why not? you meet gorgeous people out there!).

Danger! E-Alert!

E- stands for emotions by the way, and for would be travelers, I advise you to be careful because people we meet along the way are strangers (I’m not saying they are scammers or anything, but they might just be simply enjoying and you over fantasizing).  When you find something special on your journey, do not throw it away (just be careful), enjoy every moment you have and do not set expectations because you are traveling (although, you’ll never know where the road ends and how Cailin finished my words ‘…or where it begins!’).  See, life is a journey and we should always move on because there are more in store for us.

What’s my point?  My point is, chances of falling in love are pretty high and I say, put on your guards a bit to be safe. Sexual involvements happen, open your mind, it DOES happen! So really, you have to be careful because you truly don’t know what that can lead you, this might end up as a self-inflicted danger, so THINK.  I mean, you might end up having unforgettable experience but make it good ones, rather than bad because you got sick or infected from not setting your limitations. Learn what you should or should not do while traveling.

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