Researching about Thailand as for the preparation of going back there by February, I came across this important information from one Thailand Visa website that I think backpackers traveling Thailand and neighboring countries should know.

Backpackers’ Guide on Traveling to Thailand: BORDER RUNS ALERT!!!

30-days border runs now only 15 days

In order to limit the amount of foreigners using “back-to-back” border runs, Thai Immigration has issued a new regulation regarding the 30 days tourist exemption.

Effective immediately, travelers without visa will get only 15 days of stay if they are arriving via a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country.

Passengers arriving via an international airport will obtain a 30 days stay, and for them there is no change.

Travelers with Malaysian passports will obtain a 30 days stay.

This police order number 778/2551 is today confirmed by Royal Thai Police, Immigration Bureau, in Bangkok.

This is according to

This really sucks though, although, in my opinion this will affect their tourism because most backpackers which is the majority of travelers out there are doing border runs, wherever they go. Because its too painful to always be moving, specially border crossing by land so most of the time we, the backpackers, would like to have sometime to recover from traveling by land(specially from dirt roads).

Anyways, that’s their new policy. we just got to abide by their laws…sigh…

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