Since I’m travelling a lot I know I have neglected my fashion blog for a while, but then I focused more on my travel blog updating people of my travels as well as sharing tips and updates on places I go to.  It is unfair to my followers here to totally forget about writing for them, so this post will revive both our interest in fashion and travelling.

(Cailin‘s wearing scarf and fisherman’s pants)

So What’s Backpacker’s Fashion?  Some of you would ask, is there such a thing?  I really didn’t know then but all I can share you is my observation how backpacker’s dressed up during their backpacking moments.

I tell you what, dressing up while backpacking isn’t easy.  You travel places to places and if you try to maintain your yuppie standards then you are not backpacking.  Although, I admire backpackers who try to still dress up too their best while backpacking.

Why You Can’t Fully Dress Up While Backpacking?

1) Backpacking is an extensive travel adventure, such as crossing borders by bus or by foot(just sometimes) and you have to wear comfortable clothes that wouldn’t land you on an embarrassing moment.

2) No one cares about what you are wearing when you’re travelling around, specially other backpackers.

3) When backpacking, you want to experience more of the place, learn more about the culture, be one with the locals, and see the wonders the places have so you don’t have time to iron your  clothes or be ‘super’ organize, or even wear make up when you are in a backpack mission.

Even though you can’t fully dress up elegantly while backpacking because it would just make you look stupid, it’s not prohibited to at least try to look best or wear something good and easy.  I’ve seen some backpackers that still do and I’m impressed.  Why?  It didn’t make them look stupid but good instead, plus they don’t miss any adventure wherever they go.  Their secret?  They know what to wear and where to wear it!

Fashionable Backpack Wardrobe

Here are some of the most common fashion items most of the backpacker’s have in their fashionable backpack wardrobe.

1) Scarf. Most backpackers’ must have.  Not only its looks great, its also functional.  You can wear it as a shawl, a protection from chilly weather, a skirt, a dress, etc.

2) Cowboy/Military Hat. Cowboy hat is most commonly worn by female backpackers(although some male backpackers can pull it off very well too), and Military hat looks cool and awesome for men(and women that knows how to wear it).

3) Ethnic Style Clothes. I mean, Fisherman’s pants and the Ethnic pants that most women wear.  These are more commonly available in Thailand and they are awesome!  Not to mention the amazing silk dresses from Cambodia and Thailand.

4) Organic Made Accessories. Accessories like necklace, earrings, and bracelets made from local organic materials such as coconut shells, sea shells, bamboos, rattan, wood, leather, and a lot more.  Backpackers can be seen always wearing at least one of those(and if you visit Cambodia, you’ll end up getting one from the smartest kid you’ll ever meet! I happen to proved that a 7 year old Cambodian kid speaks 7 International languages fluently!).

5) Vang Vieng Shirt. I don’t know, it doesn’t really look anything special but most backpackers have it.  Maybe because that is where the good times begin, who can ever forget ‘tubing’?

There you go, those are the most common fashion items most backpackers have according to my observation.  If you are a fashion backpacker keen about the fashion, just let me know and share through the comments space if you think there’s more that I forgot to write.  Have a Safe Trip everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Backpacker’s Fashion

  1. I already own a pair of fisherman pants that I never wear but am keen to break out when I hit Asia 🙂

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