Being a backpacker myself, I asked myself what is my ultimate dream? Since I love traveling around, loves adventure, only one thing pops out of my mind whenever asked that question… And that is to be one of the team(with my buddy, of course) in  The Amazing Race Asia!

I started watching the original show “The Amazing Race” since we had our first cable TV back in high school, and then came ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ which is a lot interesting (because it suits us better and more probability to get to join it).  I was just enjoying the show then, not knowing I would be backpacking one day.  When I backpacked with Timon (that was my first ever backpacking), I mentioned how I wanted to join the show when it flashes on the TV (it doesn’t seem to interest him that much though) since it requires double to join it, I thought we could be good partners for the competition (although I wasn’t fit to race then yet, meaning, I’m not that independent) I told him how I wanted to be part of it.

(Image courtesy of Nick Tam: That’s Leizel and me in Phra Nang Beach, Thailand)

Now that I have backpacked solo, I think I am fit enough to join it if given a chance. Even though I lost Timon, I think I will have Leizel as my partner this time if ‘The Amazing Race Asia’ crew and production will ever get to read this and give us a chance. Great thing, is that Leizel said she would love to join it too (which deserves a high five!).

I think Leizel and I will make a good team because we’re both competitive in a way and our personalities match. Still, I know the pressure can test our friendship and our team but we will try our best to win the game! It would also be fun to travel the world for free, only joining the game means committing to pressure with fun(and we’re up for that)!


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