This post was inspired by the inquiries fellow backpackers ask me during my travels, every time they would ask how much are the backpackers accommodation in the Philippines but specifically Manila (since this is the capital city where most flights are landing).  Many times I would answer I don’t know simply because I don’t stay in a hostel or guesthouse when I’m here in the Philippines, but then again I realize that should not stop me of knowing things like that.  I realize I will encounter more questions like that in the future and I thought, why not find out about it and be helpful to fellow travelers soon.

Researching about backpackers hostels in Manila, there are a lot! However, I would like to review here the places I prefer if I’m a backpacker in the Philippines coming from a foreign land.  The criterias I used in choosing them were;

  • Location
  • Budget
  • Safety
  • Accessibility

Things I would consider as well if I’m the one traveling.  In my list I have 4 recommended hostels for you my fellow backpackers.

NOTE: These are budget accommodations that offers good value for the money you pay.

(Image courtesy of Our Melting Pot)

Our Melting Pot – This is a flat converted to a backpackers place, charging Php 800 (20USD) for an air-conditioned dormitory with WiFi, Cable TV (lounge), Swimming Pool, Outdoor Terraced Area, Pool Table, Security  Lockers, Breafast, Gym, T&B, etc.  The place is really cozy and clean, located at the CBD area of Manila. This is recommended to fuzzy backpackers.

Friendly’s Guesthouse – This is a real budget guesthouse with a room as low as Php 375 (9USD) for an air-conditioned dorm room.  With WiFi, Cable TV and  balcony at the common area, lockers,  and they’re boasting the Wine and Cheese nights.  Located at the center of most touristy area (Khao San Road of the Philippines).

(Image courtesy of Chill Out Guesthouse)

Chill Out Guesthouse – Is another budget guesthouse that charges Php 350(8USD) for an air-conditioned dorm room.  There’s WiFi available and security lockers, shared bathroom.

Red Carabao Manila Hostel – This one good guesthouse here lies one jeepney ride or one LRT station  away from where I live, and I believe that backpackers who really want to experience real Pinoy living would stay here because it’s not too touristy.  Also they offer free breakfast, internet access, near SM San Lazaro mall, and LRT (metro). Rooms starts from Php 350 for a dorm rooms.  The guesthouse is really cozy for the price.

So, there you go! I will be featuring hostels on my following travels to keep you guys updated that would make your trip to that destination a lot easier.  Enjoy backpacking Philippines! Mabuhay!

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