School is opening up soon and students will not just be cramming for what to wear but how to wear it too.  Back to school isn’t that fun for everyone because that would mean that vacation is over!  No more unlimited partying not worrying about homework and waking up early the next day.  But it is back to school time now, and we just have to deal with it forward.

Hey, it isn’t so bad going back to school!  You’ll get to see your school crush again, hang out around your school friends, enjoying your favorite teacher’s class, and most of all, working out your school wardrobe.  I have tips to help you cope up the demand of school fashion and your school society’s demand for looking cool and fashionable without hurting your budget.

Back to School Fashion 101: Wardrobe RAID!

  • Check Your Old Wardrobe. It doesn’t mean that you have to throw away clothes that are out of fashion away, just choose the ones that are still cool and ones that are not, and follow the next tip.
  • Recycle. Recycle your old wardrobe by using your creativity and imagination.
  • Be Resourceful.  Your creativity should work if you want to look great without over spending, recycling is cool.  Like your old pants can be recycled and I can teach you how to make your own denim skirt.
  • Check Out Latest Fashion Trends. Get updated on the latest trends from your favorite fashion site or magazine or even from TV shows.  You can even subscribe for FREE latest fashion trend updates!
  • Know When and Where to Get Discount Fashion Stuff. As a student, we have limited allowance to spend on clothes, although you can grab an extra job for extra money.  However, knowing when and where to get your discount clothing will help you a lot to update your wardrobe.
  • Invest On T-Shirts. Black and white shirts always comes in handy to mix and match with other clothes and turn simple outfit as outstanding fashion look.
  • Accessorize. Using accessories always make a big difference.  This always mae your signature styling ahead of others, and a distinctive indicator of your style individuality.
  • Home Remedies. Fashion and beauty is always in partnership in looking good.  So, knowing home remedies of beauty and fashion stuff will save you money.  Resourcefulness is the other name. 😀

Knowledge is a great tool.  Your knowledge will help you out not just in school but also in your everyday living and fashion style.  Be greatful that you have the privilege and opportunity to learn more of what is it to learn about, and be smart!  Welcome Back to School! Enjoy!
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