Baby's High Heel Shoes?! WT??!!Baby's High Heel Shoes?!

I read a post about the baby high heeled shoes and some posts condemning the two mommies who started this idea of Baby’s High Heel Shoes. So I checked it out. I was curious about it, before giving my own opinion about that.

Baby’s High Heel Shoes?!..WT?…It’s Absurd!

From the posts that I read, it seems like an absurd idea that a 0-6 months old babies are gonna wear high heels! That is really absurd! I imagined how painful it is for them, uncomfortable and introducing them too early for that kind of outfit.

Baby’s High Heel Shoes?! WT??!! Hmmm…It’s Not That Absurd.

So, I checked out the website “Heelarious” and read about it. It turned out that its not uncomfortable as it sounds. It is entirely made of soft materials and not intended for walking (Geee, only few babies can at that age), it is for the look. Style.

Baby's High Heel Shoes?! WT??!!

Baby’s High Heel Shoes?! WT??!! Cool. Cute. Stylish. and Hilarious! 😀

Really, it is hilarious! You won’t even resist to smile after seeing a baby wearing it. It’s stylish, cool and funny! I don’t know with other people, but I find it awesome! It was not intended to hurt babies in any ways.

For a fashionistas out there, its really cool to dress up absolutely great! Isn’t that what everyone wants? I do. If not fabulous, at least look good and cool. So, why won’t I want to dress my baby cool like making her wear that cute pair of shoes!

Baby's High Heel Shoes?! WT??!!

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If I was the baby and I wore that when I was a kid, and looking back to my baby photos and seeing those cute little shoes on me when I was a kid? That is awesome! That rocks!!! A fashionista since a kid… I remember when me and my sister was contemplating how lucky we were when we were kids, because mom knows how to dress us up cool if not fashionable.

What’s wrong wanting a mom dress her kid fashionable and stylish…plus, it makes people laugh and smile as their appreciation of its coolness.

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