What is Fashion Temptation? There are a lot of temptation when it comes to fashion.  You may be tempted to buy a fashion item that you can’t afford, or maybe buy something you saw someone wearing but you know it would not look good on you.  Those are just two of the millions of temptations we must avoid when it comes to fashion.  Why?

Why Avoid the Fashion Temptation?

Simply because it will be a waste of time and money if we already know it is not fit for us and we still insist it will be.  There are always things and items that looks great on others but not to us, but who cares?  People will care if you do wear it without pulling it off.  Remember that fashion world is critical, it’s either they are looking at you because you look good, or because you look terrible!

The word fashion connotes judgment.    It may be bad or not, depending how will you take it.  Take it bad and you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and traumatize trying on what will be the best for you.  Now, if you take it good then progress in taste and style is certain.  Yes, it is harsh in  the industry due to the prejudices of the human eye.

What’s the Trick?

The trick is, avoid the temptation by observing what is good and what is not for you.  Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  Emphasize your assets and minimize the weaknesses.  You don’t have to follow all the trends in the market (or otherwise you’ll be just a a walking mannequin who wears what the trend dictates!).  Create your own style and project your personality on your look. Remember, looks count in the industry.  It is the gauge of whether you’re in or out.

Perhaps you may be out of style now, but if you take everything good and learn from it, in time you’ll be in. Surprise, surprise, you will have a major entrance when your time has come.  So keep learning, let their judgment improve you than knock you out.  You’ll soon be bolder than you think you are.

Avoiding fashion temptation is simply avoiding your impulsiveness.  Know yourself, and then you’ll know your best gear.

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