6 Top Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines


If you are a foreigner looking for a quick summer getaway, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who haven’t been home for such a long time or just an ordinary person looking for a nice place to unwind and you decided to visit the Philippines, there’s probably a lot of things that goes through your mind. Airplane tickets, hotel bookings, reservations and most importantly where exactly in the Philippines to visit. Of over 7,000 islands in our country choosing one specific destination could be a challenge and fun at the same time, but no worries, this article I’m giving you Top 6 Reasons to Explore Cebu, Philippines.  Known also as “The Queen City of the South”, my hometown. Read More...

Mark Andrew is an Online Business Trainer by profession with an extensive background in IT, based in Cebu City Philippines. In his free time he likes to read all kinds of books, appreciate spy movies, watch NBA games and write Blogs.