Arizona State Fair, A Short Affair To Remember

Arizona State Fair

A year ago, I’ve experienced my first ever state fair in Connecticut. It was fun, especially with my niece and nephew I have good excuse to be there. I was with the rugrats! This year, I went to the Arizona State Fair with a friend and we didn’t need an excuse to be there as ourselves, I love it! This fair was really fair for people who wanted to have fun, and adults are everywhere just trying to play like kids again.

Arizona State Fair, A Short Affair To Remember

Arizona State Fair is way bigger and has more activities in there. They have Jurassic Park displays, more fun rides, games, food, and yes, people! Oh well, I’m still learning. May it be making videos or adjusting to new culture and environment, enough of talking about it and let me share you the short video clip I made about it. Let me know your suggestions and thoughts, comment below.

Things to Do in Oregon


There are hundreds if not more Things to Do in Oregon but I could only write what I have experienced and seen people do there on this post. I would simply say that I could not put together a complete list of what to do in Oregon simply because there are endless things to do there that locals will tell you! I visited Oregon only for 3 days and I’ve seen how lucky they are for living in that paradise. To give you a few of things to do there, here it is…


There are a lot of cool places to dive and swim in Oregon, rivers and lakes to name a couple that I saw in those 3 days I stayed there. It won’t surprise me to learn that there are plenty more hidden gems I have not seen.



Due to it’s big farm lands, Oregon is home for animal farms, ranches, even equestrian training farms which makes it a great place for horseback riding trips and lessons.



If you are big into nature exploration, Oregon is a good place for it. It is a paradise that you can explore whatever kind nature adventure seeker you are, may you be into hiking, trekking, diving, fishing, swimming, and the list goes on and on.



While you are busy exploring, you might want to bring your camping gear with you and camp out on top of a mountain or nearby a lake or river, camping sites with amazing view is everywhere. There’s no question of whether to camp or not to camp kind of decision making, the view will convince you to!



Kayaking is one of the water activities you can do there aside from paddle boarding and floating by the river on a tube which is cool way to hang out with friends.


Mountains are everywhere with almost a hundred in Oregon, the beauty of snow-capped mountains captivates me. I happen to be lucky enough to hike one, Mt. Bachelor with family and it has a stunning view from up there. Not to mention that there are a lot of trekkers/hikers that camp out up there too. Can’t blame them, it’s gorgeous!



What good is it to hang out with friends without beer and Oregon will not be caught getting dry of cold beers. Yes, breweries everywhere, beer festivals here and there. If you missed one, then make one for your self!


That’s all I can do, but if you have more things to add on the list then let me know on the comments and I update it with your coolest suggestions. Enjoy Oregon!

Free Graphic Design for Small Metro Phoenix Businesses

There are a lot of aspiring and small businesses that needs graphic design help and the cost may have made them not to spend time and money for their branding which is a big part of their business marketing and presentation. I love designing and I do not want it to waste, so why not put it in use and help out small businesses in the metro that I live in.`A small way to contribute.  How it works?

Free Graphic Design for Small Metro Phoenix Businesses

FREE graphic design service (soft copy only) for new and aspiring Metro Phoenix businesses:

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Las Vegas in Less Than 48 Hours

How I Explored Las Vegas in Less Than 48 Hours

How I Explored Las Vegas in Less Than 48 Hours? WTH? Where did I go? Memorial day weekend wasn’t really an interesting moment to explore a new city, you can imagine the crowd during holiday season. For someone like me, it doesn’t matter because all I wanted was to see places I have not seen. Las Vegas is one of them. I have to figure what’s behind the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” and I pretty much saw it all in less than 48 hours.

I won’t bore you with all my blah, blahs… In this widely video social media time nobody likes to read all the blah-blahs but rather just want to see the photos or watch it live!



Being in two places at a time. It isn’t new for border crosser and nomadic travelers like I was once consider myself, but every time it happens, it is still magical that you are time traveling in the real world.



The Strip is mind blowing! The culture, the social structure is somewhat everywhere but it is not lost. It’s beauty glows and comes to life when the sun starts to set. I love cities that glows at night, there is something about lights that glows beautifully in the dark that fascinates me.


The city is known for their ridiculous buffet restaurants and it doesn’t disappoint. There are hundreds available that you couldn’t even decide where to go. We decided we’ll go to the Wynn buffet restaurant from a friend’s recommendation.


Always, when I get to a new place and I can meet an old friend, family, relatives, or even fellow bloggers who are in the area at the same time, I have to try and meet them if I can.

Scottsdale’s Best Breakfast Places

Scottsdale Best Breakfast Places

I would love 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and I’d eat brunch, like BIG brunch. I have my own reasons, but also it changed when I moved here. Every morning, my husband will cook me hearty breakfast that is hard to resist or we’ll be at our favorite Silver Star diner in New Canaan. I’d say they’re amazing not only that they serve big portions, they taste like mom is making your breakfast, otherwise Guy Fierri won’t feature them on his Triple D show!

Now, that we have moved in Arizona, we have accumulated our new routine by finding great reasonable restaurants and we have started with breakfast places around Old Town Scottsdale. I guess, living in the Southwest isn’t really a diner kind of place. They are however, big with cool, young, modern vibe of restaurants that serves breakfast. Here are the Old Town Scottsdale’s Breakfast Places I’ve tried and my reviews of what I’ve had and my favorite items to order off their menu:

  • Scrambles – I order the Brizzas (light pizza) and sometimes Panini. They both have different varieties that I order every visit paired with Green Tea. I love the vibe of the place, fast, not so busy and if they are, it’s not crazy.
  • Breakfast Club – I only order their BLT and Green Tea but my husband’s love the Breakfast Burrito. It looks great, big serving and he said it is really good. The vibe is young and very energetic, they get REALLY busy but their location is big that it doesn’t get so incredibly crowded.
  • Morning Squeeze – I love their food, especially the Lox & Bagels, but because their place is a little smaller even with an open air bar, even a not so noisy crowd sounds like one.
  • Daily Dose – We decided to check out the hype on this place, food is great but what truly is amazing other than the food are their staff. I’d give the the highest rate for customer service. Best I’ve had  I should say.
  • Over Easy – We found them through Triple D and visiting something that was featured on TV will have a lot of following after the air time. Like Morning Squeeze, their Scottsdale branch is small but they have more like a diner feel even without the diner interiors. Food is amazing! Simple but good.

Those were the breakfast places me and my husband have tried and tested. They all has their own character and we have our favorite item on every menu of these places. Indication of a good place is when you need more time to examine the menu because you can’t make up your mind what to get!

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Visit

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

One Saturday evening, afraid of getting bored in a nice weathered little tourist town called, Old Town Scottsdale, we thought we should get our act together and do something (whether we should be partying, pigging out, or just doing something productive) because nothing to do in this place isn’t a good excuse.

I quickly browsed online what to do and see that will not break a bank close to us and found ourselves couple of hours later at the Scottsdale Civic Center Park where art museums are abundant. There you’d find:

  • Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Scottsdale Historical Museum
  • Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
  • Scottsdale Museum of the West

I have have been to the first two out of the four mentioned above during it’s Free Admission times. I honestly like Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art compared to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art in NYC). The featured artists I thought were more in-depth expressing their ideas and art, and as a creative artist I should be able to appreciate the difference which I do. I think that understanding what we like and what we don’t makes us understand who we are, what we are really made of.

I would like to share what I’ve seen in there and I appreciate how they allowed me to take photos of the masterpieces exhibited in the museum. The artists exhibited at the time were:

Both artists have stunning interpretation of their art that resonates meaningful things in life. Munro’s simple but practical masterpiece tells a good story but tells a fact that the pieces he used like the CDs and conveying the Morse codes were useful and practical communication methods used in navigation.

Bruno Munro's "Ferryman's Crossing"

Bruno Munro: Ferryman’s Crossing

Saar’s work on the other hand were so deep and dark, but it is screaming the tragic stories of the past. The African slavery, how the world changes gradually in a very hard and tumultuous process through her interpretation was stunning. The pieces can speak deeper to one’s soul and makes one somehow understand, if not totally, that it was not an easy journey but led to a beautiful present no one should ever forget.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s operating hours are:


Eyebrow Make Up Hack

make up hack

make up hack

I know I’m not a make up guru here, but I still want to use a little bit of make up that is easy to apply to make me look groomed and presentable. There are a lot of women that wouldn’t want to spend hours and hours to put on make up but still want to look great, for those who are like me this is for you. First, let me share my make up must haves…

  • Moisturizer
  • Talcum Powder
  • Eyebrow pencil liner
  • Cheek tint
  • Lip gloss
  • Light lip stick

Not a complicated make up set, yeah? Yet, I struggle to put on eyebrow make up using an eyeliner pencil without overdoing it nor have a slightest idea on how to arch it perfectly. Not wanting to give up yet refusing to spend hours on doing trial and errors drawing my eyebrows especially when I’m in a hurry, I thought there should be a way to hack it.

Well, I found a solution to that problem. Using the eye shadow make up trick! Yes, I bought an eye-shadow make up with brown to dark brown shades and they all worked perfectly and with ease in application. How? Oh well, you must read on…

eyebrow makeup

3 Easy Steps on How to Hack Your Eyebrow Make Up

  1. Get an eye shadow set with brown to dark brown shades. You can even use dark grey or black, depending on your style.
  2. Eye shadow make up set always come with a sponge tip applicator which is your magic wand! I’m not kidding, the sponge tip makes it way easier to apply than a pencil. Dab the sponge tip to your choice of eye-shadow shade and gently apply it like your drawing your brows into its perfect shape.
  3. You can apply more as you desire, it will show up a little lighter but you can always put more to make it darker and make it look more natural.

I have a semi-thick eyebrows and using the eye-shadow to put more color on it and making look fuller. I hope this will help ladies like me that wants to have a great natural looking eyebrows easily and quickly. Let me know if you have better tricks and I’m happy to try on new and easy ways to put on make up too.

I’m Serious Learning How to Vlog


I’m serious learning how to vlog, and when I think I found a new hobby to venture into. Cheesy as I’m starting but I will research the heck out of the internet to learn how to do this. So far, I’ve done few dodgy ones but I think I’m starting to get better with this one. One step after another, I now have tons of ideas rushing in.

Oh man, I’m going to need a lot of digital storage here! Well, you tell me what you think. Enjoy the video!

My First Attempt to Vlog


I’m trying out my luck on vlogging and by doing so, I realize that it isn’t just talking in front of the camera, it’s a one man video production! I am a rookie, trying to get in to real business of video blogging on my own with more research and hoping I will be able to pull it off.  For some time in my blogging life (since 2008), I have received several suggestions to make videos of my travels and I was even invited to be one of ABS-CBN’s Online Superstars (One of Philippines’ Major TV Network) but couldn’t materialize because I’m out of the Philippines.

With more and more elbows nudging me to plunge into it, I’m now dipping my feet in its waters and found out that it is a serious business. Why? You may ask, it’s a lot of work, planning, directing, and creativity that comes with it.  You can either be following an outline or your creativity can overwhelm you to get lost from the theme.

Starting from presenting yourself in front of the camera to put or not to put make-up on, lighting, setting, topic selection, delivery, to editing the video. If you think presentation is easy, think again.  It doesn’t end there, editing the video to make it appear very interesting to its audience takes a lot of time and effort. How a scene should play exactly on queue with your audio and the effects used, not to mention choosing/editing thumbnails when uploading the video on the chosen platform is vicious.

Try to appreciate that from the beginning to the planning stage, when you are watching the video, takes a precious time to produce it to something that you will enjoy (or not) and a simple like when you really like one is such a big pay off for the effort.

I appreciate it now and will try my best to learn more about it and make a better video after another.  I hope you enjoy my amateur video and let me know what you think. Feel free to suggest tricks on improving it and topics to talk about. Ciao!