(City’s swimming pool and man made beach free for public use)

Since I’m talking about places and countries I would not like to skip talking about Austraya mate!  Australia is the smallest continent in the world, but 6th in the largest country with a total area of 7,686,850 km2, and the largest country in Oceania.

(Brisbane’s city top view from the wheel)

I have not been all over the country, didn’t see much but met amazing people there I would never forget.  Perhaps I could just share to you few places I have been in Australia.  Brisbane was where I mostly hang around during the 3 month visa I was given sponsored by an old friend, we came all the way from Saigon that time I remember.

(Byron Bay)

We went to the city to see few things there like their museums, mall, and the huge wheel overlooking the whole city.  I enjoyed the view of the beach in Byron bay few days we came visiting friends in Lismore.  I remember taking photos of Kangaroos but for some reason I can’t find it. It was summer when we arrive in Australia, so that explains why the waterfall we came to see was dry.

(View during our stop to Brisbane from Lismore)

All I remember was that I get to see Kangaroos up close and personal.  I know my mission in Australia is not done yet and I’m looking forward to be back for a skydiving experience in Sydney one day. This post is so bland, but I assure you that the next time I write about Australia, it will be flowing with amazing experiences to share with you! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Austraya, Australia!

  1. I should be in Java next month, and it was only when I looked at a world map that I realised how close (comparatively) it is to Australia – so I might go there too, before heading to the Philippines.

    I have friends in Lismore too… maybe the same friends? (Unlikely).

    1. Awesome! Update me with what’s going on in Australia, also you better tell me the cheapest hostels you can get there specially in Sydney.

    1. Stayed there 3 months, I was sponsored by a friend then so it was easy. Although a friend says, it wouldn’t be so difficult to apply for visas everywhere when you meet the requirements. Makes sense yeah?

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