(Paparazzi gondolas)

Sunset at Ubein Bridge was my favorite in Mandalay.  After a very hot full day of motorbike tour around the city going from temple to temple, the bike driver noticed how I am not interested on what we were doing hopping from a place to another.  At that time, I was way too templed out plus being roasted under the tropical Burmese heat while wearing the traditional “Longyi” made my mood change from enthusiastic to a worn out traveler.


(…and love birds)

We were an hour early before the sunset, but I am down just chilling out wait for it at the bridge rather than driving around nowhere to see another temple.  When we arrived in the area, it was crowded with locals and tourists.  I saw the wooden bridge, it was a long bridge that would probably take me at least 45 minutes to walk to the other end.  According to Wikipedia,  it is 1.2 Km long and it is the longest teak bridge in the world!  Salvaging the teaks from the palace, the mayor built this bridge. Isn’t it brilliant?  The idea of saving teaks has become the city’s famous place and the longest teak bridge in the world that makes everyone put effort to see it, amazing!


(Most common Ubein Bridge shot)


(maybe not this)

Looking at the bridge my head was calculating how far and how long would it take me to walk at the other end and back, as well as where can I stand for the best sunset shot of this bridge.  In my head, I would not want to just have the same shots I see online, magazines, and books. I wanted to get the best shot I can get or my eyes will capture before my camera translate it into a photo.


(My favorite shot, ‘Father and Son’)

Few locals and even tourists walk the full bridge, but I just wanted to do it.  I just did because along the way the view of life just got me and from there my photos can tell a lot of stories that you can put an end.  The fisherman, the father and son, the gondolas, and a lot more things that could not stop me from capturing moments.


(Fishing and herding ducks)



(Fried crabs sold at the end of the bridge)


(Burmese woman carrying straws)

Well, when the sun was almost setting I walked back and sat on one of the store shades along the bridge.  Mother and child walked by and the kid tried to pose with a cute asian peace sign (you know, that popular asian pose most of us do).  Then, I spotted a place where I can get several great sunset shots and I did.  Soon enough, I was joined by other tourists who wants to take nice sunset shots too.  Gondolas with professional photographers on it started coming nearby where I was, but I was at a perfect place to get those shots without paying gondola fees.  Now, you can formulate your own stories from my images captured.  Tell me if its worth walking the famous bridge in Myanmar?


That’s the story of my sunset spent as I walked Mandalay’s famous Ubien Bridge, the longest teak bridge in the world.

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6 thoughts on “As I Walked Mandalay’s Famous Ubein Bridge

  1. Love your pictures of the bridge. The sunset is gorgeous.

  2. The teak bridge is very beautiful. I wonder if people are allowed to jog across it, or if a narrow parade could be held over it.

  3. Such an interesting story behind the bridge, thank you for sharing! And the pictures are beautiful.

  4. Wow! You have a real eye for detail and composition. These photos are amazing 🙂

    1. Thanks Samuel, I am an amateur photographer learning on my own because I want to show people how beautiful places I’ve seen through my camera and my blog! Great compliment coming from another accomplished travel blogger! Thanks again! 🙂

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