Arizona State Fair

A year ago, I’ve experienced my first ever state fair in Connecticut. It was fun, especially with my niece and nephew I have good excuse to be there. I was with the rugrats! This year, I went to the Arizona State Fair with a friend and we didn’t need an excuse to be there as ourselves, I love it! This fair was really fair for people who wanted to have fun, and adults are everywhere just trying to play like kids again.

Arizona State Fair, A Short Affair To Remember

Arizona State Fair is way bigger and has more activities in there. They have Jurassic Park displays, more fun rides, games, food, and yes, people! Oh well, I’m still learning. May it be making videos or adjusting to new culture and environment, enough of talking about it and let me share you the short video clip I made about it. Let me know your suggestions and thoughts, comment below.

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