nude make up

You read it right, Are You Going Nude This Summer?  But I don’t mean taking off your clothes hey…hahaha!  Since it is Summer, everyone are trying to bare everything.  Flawless skin are showing, shavers are busy upon preparation of the flawless skin on earth.

Bikinis are hot!  Yet,  all I meant was the make up!  Yes, everything must be taken off to let your natural beauty shine this season.  Why not?  Naturals and organics are in, flowers are blooming, lakes have waters, animals are out and happy again, so go out of your shell hiding your face with other make ups show your real and natural beauty.  All I’m talking about is Make Up!

However, to those who are still make up addicts or shall I say those who just want to add up some touches to make your face fresher.  You can try the nude look.  Tons of Nude Make Up are out there.  Light pinks, Lavenders, and Khaki are great for your lips.  Your cheeks should always have a touch of pink or rosy, you can also use  Mauve colors as they enhances a little bit of your facial features.  Colors always enhances, so a little touch of colors are great too.  Just don’t over do your make up or it’s beyond natural and NUDE look.  Check out Eye Make Up Trends for more tips!

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