Most of us are caught up on eating in Fast Food Chains, because of the fast paced lifestyle that we are living at the present age, we want everything to be instant. Instant coffee, instant noodles, and so as Fast Foods.

But Are Fast Foods, Junk? I won’t answer that yet… I want to ask you few questions? Do you want to live happier? Do you want to feel better as always? Now, eating healthy is one of the key.

I know you are aware that Fast Foods are high cholesterol, fatty, full of preservatives and additives that makes it more tastier. That’s why you crave for it, and you know its not healthy. So, Are Fast Foods, Junk? Think about every bite. Although, I am addicted to eat Junk Foods, I have learned how to eat healthy and noticed how great it can cause me. I feel a lot healthier and better eating vegetarian foods.

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