(Crazy House in Vietnam)

What first comes to mind on where to celebrate you April Fool’s Day?  I know, it’s not a big celebration but because everything becomes cheeky and foolish, I thought I would be silly enough to write about it too.

Well, my first thought as to where to go was as silly as April Fool’s Day.  Where?  I thought it should be spent in the CRAZY HOUSE!  You’re probably thinking I am just making this up, but I am not.

Crazy House is real, it is actually located in Dalat, Vietnam.  Yes, it exists, the Crazy House is inspired by the Grimm’s Brothers. I have been there once and it is actually a hotel accommodating tourists who are willing to fulfill their fantasy living in a fairy tale house.  You can read more about it on my post about this Crazy House.

At least, now you have one silly, crazy idea where to go in your crazy celebration of April Fool’s Day.  Enjoy!

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