ANTM Judge Paulina Porizkova's Murder?!!

Yes, ANTM Judge Paulina Porizkova’s was murdered by being axed as a judge in our favorite modeling show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ according to Parade Magazine.  She was fired due to her ego problem as they said, which she is not aware od until one of the producer told her.  Therefore, we wouldn’t see her on the Cyle 13 of the America’s Next Top Model.

She is beautiful, stunning, and a legendary supermodel which have put her in her shoes right now being egotistic without even aware of it.  What comes around, goes around… Maybe she wasn’t watching the show that is why she doesn’t know.  If she does, no reason at all why she won’t know her attitude on camera.  Well, always learning the hard way makes it more permanent and never to do it again.

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