America's Next Top Model Cycle 13, Are You Ready?

Maybe you are a little bit confused who am I talking to?  Well, I mean both the Cycle 13 Casts and Producers as well as the viewers.  America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 are rolling, I just don’t know when are they gonna show it online or Asian Cable Channels, but Asian viewers, Yep that’s right, we are waiting! 😀

ANTM Cycle 12

I know they are ready to show themselves, also from what I’ve read from… Tyra’s got a new idea reinventing this cycle, having all the contestants ranging from 5’7 feet and under will be considered which is really kinda exciting to wait.  Fashion people might react differently because they used to tall models, but have they forgot Kate Moss?  Well, that’s pretty exciting cycle to wait, I wonder how will the next cycle will go about that!

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