Who Inspired Me?

I’ve got the inspiration to write this when my friend Brad sent me Candice’s blog link about her disappearing act, and I thought I would write a post about it than start rambling on her comment space about it.

Candice is not alone, like most of us who travel a lot I think its common.  Most people that doesn’t travel around like we do wouldn’t understand this lifestyle, more so, this backpacking lifestyle, I didn’t either until I did it myself.  The good thing is that I can be tolerant of their thoughts because I was once thinking the same way.

You Think I’m Crazy?!

On the first few months of my travels, people think this was crazy or think I am crazy.  They call their materialistic world their ‘real world’, but their real world filled of egotistic, stuck up, discriminating individuals is the world I couldn’t fit in.  Not because I couldn’t, but simply because everything doesn’t feel right out there. It’s a world where everything is a “SHOULD” be this and that kinda life, a very stressful world I couldn’t live in for long.

I Guess, You Think I’m Running Away

People around me thought I’m running away from something and for a second, I thought I was too.  So, I went back settled for a job referred by a friend that I eventually left behind because of the egotistic people around who didn’t stop stepping on me just because they can and they have the power to do so.  I asked myself, “Is this really where I want to be? Are these people I want to work with everyday?”.  Would I consider it living a dream if I stayed and chose to be miserable? Is this how you build your career? To put up with the corporate bullsh*t and bow down to the people abusing their position?

I think we are all different in many ways, and we are all the same having freedom of choice, will, and feelings.  I once doubted my motivation why do I travel a lot, why do I go to places I haven’t been to and choose to meet new friends instead of traveling with people I know all my life?

I’m Living My Dream!

Maybe they’re right, I thought, but from years of experience going everywhere I have proven myself that they’re wrong.  That I am not running away from anything, I’m just simply living my dream. The proof that I’m doing it right is that this have made me happy and whole than anything in my whole life.

Here’s what I can say to those who think I’m crazy and just running away.  I am really crazy.  Crazy enough not to settle for anything that would not make me happy or fulfilled.  In all the journeys in life I made, I learned valuable lessons that whatever I do, whatever it is, it will all comes down to the motivation doing the things I do and if all are for good reasons then I’m heading at the right direction.  You may not understand what I do and I say, you don’t have to.  I don’t owe anyone an explanation of what I’m doing and why I’m doing this because this is just simply who I am. I am, indeed, living my dream!


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4 thoughts on “Am I Running Away or Living A Dream?

  1. I say you’re running – running towards your dreams. =)

    I also dream of becoming location-independent. The longest trip I’ve taken so far is 7 weeks in Visayas. I hope to be on the road more like you. =)

  2. Claire – you’re absolutely right! People often asked me what I was running away from – and my first inclination was to answer ‘Boredom, repetition, sameness’ – but I started to think about it, and I realized that I was running TO something – Excitement, adventure, new experiences, broadening my understanding of people and cultures – and the list goes on!

    I went to Ukraine in 2004 for two years – but I stayed for seven. I went to China after that – also planning on two years, but sadly had a visa problem and had to leave after seven months. I’m back in Australia now and planning another trip – but where to choose? So many choices!!

    1. True, I don’t even know where to start and as much as I would regret why I didn’t start early, I should just be thankful I can do what I’m doing and living my dream rather than ranting like others who keeps mumble “If only’s…”

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