There are some things in our life we can’t control, like heartbeats, situations, accidents…these are just some few things, as well as emotions. For some people, they won’t agree with me saying we can’t control emotions, but we can’t. We can control our actions in response to the emotions we feel, but really you can’t stop yourself feeling it. Either you hide it or not, you’re feeling it.

It’s too bad that sometimes you know its silly to feel some stuff like jealousy, shame, fear, and some stuff that make us feel bad. No matter how hard you try, its just there, its making you feel so bad. What do you do when you feel that bad feeling? Most of the time, you hide it. Lots of time you do, because its silly as they say. In reality, I believe it’s not. I believe you feel it for a reason.Am I Just Being Silly or What?

I once read something about it, that life is teaching us through experience, and by experiencing it you feel more, you become part of it. You understand better. It is the emotional impact of something that teach us the real value of it. That’s all.

We learn more from emotions, on whether it makes you happy or sad. One thing is for sure, you’ll remember it more than ordinary things that happens in your life. I was really good dealing with emotions, hiding it all in, but I guess I’m getting rusty on that. ‘Can’t handle too much, I’m almost giving up. Is this how life works? Is this balance? I guess so.

Just another thing, this is why life is beautiful. Yet, I keep wishing to Someone up there…I can’t handle more pain as I’ve felt before, I know it made much stronger but I don’t want to go through it all again or even just the feeling of loss and being left behind. Let me experience happiness than grief, because I have had been through a lot of the latter before. Wishing days will be longer than nights. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Am I Just Being Silly or What?

  1. Hey, I love that post. It’s nice to read about someone’s real life experience for a change as opposed to reading an obvious sales message which I for one am guilty of doing from time to time. Keep it up. Anna

  2. Hey Lyndsay! Nice blog! And so true. I look at your photo in Tweeter and say to myself, “How in the world could a guy hurt someone like you?” That I don’t understand. But I do understand what you said in your blog about emotions. I hide them too. And I have been hurt also in the past. That’s not any fun. You hang in there girl. You’re very beautiful, both inside and out. And your blogs are very interesting and well written too.


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