All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK

What’s the All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK? Skeptical? Yeah, I know you are kind of thinking that it is BORING? Hmm…possibly, but not when you know how to carry it.

Black is the easiest color to play with, be it grunge, punk, classy, chic, preppy kind of style you want to display it’ll stand out.

Audience on Wearing All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK? Huh?!

Depending on what look you want or what style or character you want to convey to your audience. Yep, you heard me right. Audience. We all have audience, otherwise you just wouldn’t care what to wear or how you look. It doesn’t matter if its other people, but the most important audience you have is, YOU!

Now, How to Wear Your All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK?

In continuation of the above paragraph, it depends to your audience. Specially the most import: YOU. Now, what you want to convey is your choice and you have to choose what will suits with wearing BLACK. I’ll give you some tips:

  1. How to Wear Your All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK? #1 – THE PUNK. Most of the time, Punks and Grunges are just wearing it simply as BLACK shirt and BLACK Jeans with BLACK sneakers, plus BLACK make-up like Goths. But you can accessorize it to look more fashionable.
  2. How to Wear Your All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK? #2 – THE PREPPY LOOK. That’s quite a bit trick being preppy. Usually, it is bright colors but you can still use BLACK and be Preppy Looking by pairing it or matching it to any bright colored accessories like scarves, hats, shoes, bags, belts and if you are wearing BLACK shirt, then wear it with bright colored pants/skirts/boots, etc…
  3. How to Wear Your All Time Fashion Favorite Color: BLACK? #3 – THE CHIC & CLASSY. Classic looks are always chic, most of the time BLACK dresses or BLACK blouse paired with BLACK pants or skirts are the common look for this. What makes it more classy is the jewelries. Elegant jewelries stand out with BLACK , and so you want to wear your best jewelries, I recommend platinum, white golds, or silver…

That’s enough to tips and work your imagination and creativity to find your genre on style for every occasion.

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