“Afro hairstyle” doesn’t grow naturally for everyone, it is for people with African descent.  This hairstyle was popular in the 80’s when “The Jacksons” became popular with their famous afro hairstyle.  Oh yeah, I remember my dad used to tell me when I was a kid that he wanted to have those afro hairstyle in his younger years.  Yeah, yeah (i thought when dad told me that, lol)… it is stylish but not suitable for everyone.  It takes attitude to have this hairstyle, plus the fact that it is hard to maintain.  We’ll see if Afros will be in for 2010 Harstyle Trends

Afro or Curly Hairstyle Tips

But if you know how to maintain it, then you’ll have the great afro curls ever.  So, how about watching Maiysha’s Afro or Curly Hairstyle Tips to maintain and keep it healthy?

Aside from Maiysha’s Tips, I would like to add more to keep your choices flowing…

  • Braids. It can help you a lot to maintain a clean and tidy hairstyle when you’re not in the mood dealing with all the rituals.  Also, it will make the curls a lot toned after a day or two of being braided.
  • Hair Tie. Tying your hair may not that simple as the curls and locks will try to escape while doing it, but a stylish hair tie or accessory will make another great look for your stubborn curls.
  • Iron Hair Straighteners. This will give a temporary change of look for you, although if you want a permanent results then you must have to visit your favorite salon to grant your wish.
  • Designated Hair Products. Hair products have specifications too to make an awesome results for different types of hair and hairstyle.  Make sure you got the specific products for your hair, like ‘for wavy hair’ or ‘curly hair’ and the type of hair you have.  Whether its dry, normal, or oily.  You would prefer products that would make your hair appear oily, as the frizzes makes it look like its dry even if its not.
  • Diet. Your diet can help as the behaviour of your hair depends of your body hormonal behaviour from your diet.  So, eating healthy would appear in your good and bad hairday situation.

These are just simple tips to cope up with your stubborn and curls and make your bad hairdays lesser day by day.  So, enjoy your great looking afros, now that you have the knowledge to make it happen. Cheers!

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3 thoughts on “Afro or Curly Hairstyle Tips

  1. the 80s?? the afro was made popular in the late 60’s and 70’s my dear. how on earth could you miss that?

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