Adventures in Dantala Waterfall- Da Lat, Vietnam

Adventures in Dantala Waterfall- Da Lat, VietnamAdventures in Dantala Waterfall- Da Lat, Vietnam

Looking for adventure in Vietnam? Particularly Da Lat? I have one for you. Are you a nature tripper? Here’s your catch. Datanla Waterfall is just one of the four tourist attraction waterfall in Da Lat, Vietnam. I have been to 3 out of four yesterday (Datanla, Camly, Tiger). I haven’t truly explore and seen Tiger so close because I was to tired riding the whole day around Da Lat, so I decided I will just go back for a closer look one of these days

Datanla Waterfall is truly impressive. You get to choose whether to walk or ride a roller coaster up and down the steep and beautiful rainforest. Entrance fee is 5,000VND ($.30 cents USD), and the rollercoaster for 25,000 VND($1.50 USD)/one way and 50,000VND($3 USD)/return. I would suggest a return if you want an exciting ride. Yet, if you’re into nature tripping, you can just walk up and down the rainforest.Adventures in Dantala Waterfall- Da Lat, Vietnam

There is a restaurant near the waterfall. It is amazingly cool and a short adventure. It will not be super adventure for the natural adventure seekers, nothing very exceptional for the extreme adventure seekers. Still, very beautiful waterfall awaits you. Relax and enjoy, after a 13Km ride away from the town.Adventures in Dantala Waterfall- Da Lat, Vietnam

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