Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player

I know out there is a huge playground for those people who always want to fool around and play. Players enjoy playing games, it doesn’t matter if men or women. Both genders do play their own games whenever and wherever they can. For some reasons it sounds fun, for them, but there are always Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player, and we all know that.  It doesn’t  matter if you know How to Tell a Guy or Girl if He/She is a player? Both genders just do.

It always starts on finding out How to tell if She likes you? for guys…and then moving up to How to Make a Girl Fall inlove with You, and so on…  Players know that, but they don’t care YET. Until they become the person at the other end. I want to point out some Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player here…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player


  • Acceptance- People observes people who are truly accepted by the society, their peers, and family. Mostly, either they are good looking, with more money, or famous (who has mastered the game how to get accepted or maybe lucky to have been born with all the attributes). Most of people always want that status, and so being a player you become accepted, often sought after for charisma. Being the person they thought was cool, they change themselves to be that person to fit in.
  • Ego- Some players just love to feed their ego. Their vanity of feeling great because they are surrounded by the opposite sex. It makes them feel good, whether they really look good physically or not, the vanity of being adored and liked by many is the same feeling they want to feel.
  • Status- Players continuously do the same thing for status. Maintaining their status to be accepted by the same people they always wanted to please to accept them.
  • Pleasure- When you are surrounded by people, specially beautiful men or women, temptations are always present. Whether you initiate it or you are drawn to the temptation is just the same. You both have minds to decide of what will gonna happen or not. Physical pleasures mostly what gave away the player to do it over and over again, not thinking the consequences.


  • Habitual- When playing games is done more than twice, it’s just like any other stuff that when you keep doing it becomes your habit. It becomes part of your character, yourself.
  • Values- By consistently doing it, it becomes a habit, that you wouldn’t even consider a big deal doing it over and over again. You loose your morals, your values, your consideration of other people involved.
  • Loosing Yourself- Acquiring all this habits and indulging yourself to this addiction to be accepted, you loose yourself. Remember that you changed yourself to become the person to be accepted and feel all the euphoric status without noticing you loose your real self pleasing people for acceptance.
  • Identity Crisis- That leads you to a situation when you get too used to what you are doing and its not giving you the same pleasure and satisfaction anymore, you start realizing what is happening to your life and yourself.

These are the observations I have done with the people around me, wherever they are from, whatever they’re races are, from travelling around I noticed people are all quite the same.

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4 thoughts on “Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Player

  1. I do agree with all of this. Especially the last part of the disadvantages aka Identity crisis. I’ve been a player since i knew i had everything, money, the looks, the best sex, i fed on that for years an i still do. I did however try to settle down, it’s impossible. This is my addiction. It’s like smoking a cigarette an you get hooked so you’re buying 1-2 or more packs a day, i sleep with over 5 girls a day. I am never happy. I used to love all of this. I am now almost 23 an I want to settle down a bit, I dream to find my true love but i realize that there is no true love for me except sleeping around an having fun. I am a prince to so many women, a friend after i sleep an ditch them, they never hate me. I’ve had a total of 25 girls fall in love with me over the years, not one have i had strong feelings for. I slept with over 60+ women an continuing. I want to stop so bad, but i can’t. Like i said before this is my addiction an many people think that this is either a phase or something i can just stop, that’s not true, I made myself become this because i got hurt in the past. It’s not a phase, since i was 10 i’ve been a player, I really don’t think that qualifies as a phase for myself. I am that southern gentleman including the accent an like i said i have looks an money an tons of friends. Sometimes I break down because I just wish i found my cure.

    Just wanted to share,


  2. I have recently become a player and i am already regretting it. I’ve been dating multiple girls for about a year and its really hard to manage. I thought this one girl i was dating was seeing other guys, but now i found out i was the only one she was dating and she developed serious feelings for me. The worst part was i found out i was breaking her heart because she was only dating me and i was dating other women. Then she confronted me and said she just wants to be friends. At one point i loved her, but because i was seeing other women, i could never commit and now i lost her. Now i find my self trying to fill her spot in my life with another girl or possibly two more girls, which would be pretty easy. I dunno, i guess getting laid with hot girls at the expense of their feelings isnt as awesome as i thought it would be.


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