Yes, it’s Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you my dear readers.  Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year whether my pocket is empty or not.  The spirit remains the same, I see people more happier during the season.  The streets more lively with different Christmas gimmicks such as Christmas Choirs singing carols (which helps lift up the mood of the season), everyone you meet greets you with “Merry Christmas!” (I like that everyone becomes extra friendly, that is why I like the season…brings out the positive energy of everyone!), Santa Clauses everywhere ( may that be healthy bearded one or a lady dressed in a short red Santa costume *rolled eyes* lol), and the most important of all?  The Christmas decorations!

Yep, yep!  Decorations that has been part of family traditions.  Some families do it together, some don’t, either way it is accessorizing Christmas!  The Christmas Trees, lights, mistletoe, gift wrapping sessions, all these are the fashion of the season.  Just like any other celebrations, most people prepare for it, spend money and effort for that special day and it’s great just walking down the street watching families shop together.  Friends laughing, couples enjoying their time together, all the simple things come out on the street during this season.

Well, I’m talking about accessorizing Christmas because I received an awesome accessory as an exchange gift present… An orange vintage necklace!  Yes, I love it suits my new orange-yellow-red head highlights! I got it together with a black and gray scarf that I like too, great combo for truly accessorizing myself this Christmas!

So, accessorizing Christmas is not new really…  It’s a tradition.  I, myself, accessorize as a style, to add more color, life to what is already there.  Oh I am just writing about the necklace, really! lol I just associated it with Christmas because it is Christmas today!  Merry Christmas to you all again and may you have more blessings to come this season and the coming New Year!!!

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