accessories splurges!!!

Fashionistas are fond shopping, of course! Accessories Splurges…What’s next? Travelling means shopping to them. They’re eyeing for the newest trend in town…whatever looks good on them they’ll love to buy it. Wherever they go, they will buy it or if not…note it for the next visit or next budget…lol… I doubt the latter though…lol…believe me, they won’t stop ’til they satisfy their craving!!!

accessories splurges...what's next?

Most of the time, if not for clothing, shoes, the best thing they could splurge themselves in the name of style, is going for accessories. Why? It’s handy, they could get more with them everywhere they go, and wouldn’t hurt carrying it. They always want a souvenir from somewhere they have visited, and they want it visible wherever they go…flaunt the uniqueness, with style.

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