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Discount Travel Blogger, Upgraded! – owned and solely maintained by Lyndsay Cabildo, formerly known as the Latest Fashion Trend, Fashion Girl. Both blogs are merged into one. As time evolves and changes, these blogs evolves with the owners lifestyle.


Latest Fashion Trends from a Fashion Girl, Lyndsay Cabildo was the very first blog when Lyndsay dip into the blogging world in 2008. Although it started as a hobby in the Philippines, it has received a lot of attention from local media and eventually, International brands.

2010 – Lyndsay launched Discount Travel Blogger shortly after few solo backpacking around Southeast Asia. Realizing how people around her are very interested with the stories, recommendations, and tips from her travels, she thought writing it down and sharing her posts to them will be a good idea. The blog became more active through her travels that she gets different gigs when traveling as well. Philippines, Southeast Asia and International Media have featured her on their print publications, on air (TV, radio, and podcasts) and online. References below.

Moving forward, living in many different countries such sa Italy, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand… Travel hasn’t stopped her yet. Now, slowly settling in Arizona, still travelling in a little more upgraded than her discount travels and a sweeter Scottsdale lifestyle.


Professional Background

A graduate of BS-HRM from La Consolacion College-Manila and earned units from her MA in Clinical Psychology from University of Santo Tomas both with High Honors. Founded the family catering business in 1998 called Classique Fondue Catering Services & Restaurant, now managed by her family. A self-taught web/graphic designer and content writer who started this blog in 2008 and venturing on organic lipbalms called, L’ACCRUE


  • Certified ESL Teaching
  • Level 4/5 – ILR Scale for Medical Tagalog Interpreter
  • FEMA Certified
  • Content Writing
  • WEB Designing
  • Graphics
  • PHP
  • SEO
  • Social Media/ Email Marketing

Lyndsay have written scripts for UK’s TV News and was their Lifestyle Correspondent online from October 2010 until it shuts down (however, the show was axed late 2011 and along the show, they shut down the website).



Content Writing


Travel Writing Contributor – TRAVEL + LEISURE Asia

aboutAssociate Travel Writer – TripSAvvy (former

omission-reportArticle Writer – Omission Report

Rappler FeatureArticle Contributor – Rappler

Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post Interview

Web/Graphic Designs (& Content)



Aside from the local TV guesting and other invitation for media exposures, other blogs have featured her on different niches.  Here they are:


Philippine QTV 11's guestingQTV-11 Appearance: Fashion Talk



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