An hour of freezing speedboat ride from the anchored cruise to the Amalfi coast, I thought I can brave the temperature since it was a sunny day, but the breeze made it so intolerable that even the thick woolen turtle-neck sweater of mine could not give me enough warmth to survive. Good thing I still insist to carry my velvet jacket suit with me that gave me enough warm temperature to enjoy the breeze and the scenery sitting on top of the roofless deck.


By the time we arrived at the pier, the beautiful buildings and the familiar church from reading travel and lifestyle magazines welcomed us. It was an amazing feeling to see it in front of you versus when you were reading it the glossy pages of the travel magazines thinking when will you be able to see it with your own eyes. It was that moment, an intense feeling to finally be there to see it and now telling my own story.


Positano, a region located on the Amalfi coast as well stunned me like how all the local artists were stunned, I know there’s a lot of them in Rome too but I understand how they were captivated by the site. They spend all day trying to catch the best light to paint the beauty of this sight. We also walked the narrow streets that goes in an up and down hill path, one street leading to another of unending shops that varies from jewelries, souvenirs, sweets, coffee shops, restaurants, and my fiance’s favorite part, the spices. Amalfi is part of Sicily in which he indulged himself to shop with all these awesome Southern Italian Spices that I too missed.


Before our free time ended, we walked along the walkway by the beach. The view is fascinating, and I then understand why these lifestyle photographers were captured by this place. The bright blue sky contrasting the colorful buildings built by the mountain staring at you that makes you feel like you were sucked in by that lifestyle travel magazine you were reading about this simple yet beautiful place.


Then we board the boat again to travel 15 minutes to the Amalfi town where we up to see a gorgeous cathedral with 62 steps on a steep flight of stairs. I love the golden external frescoes of the cathedral that glows with the sunset orange glare, but we decided to separate from the tour group entering the cathedral and instead, we enjoyed an authentic Italian meal at the nearby restaurant.

The restaurant, after we ordered our Clam pastas and a Bolognaise, we had fun taking few great photos and a guessing game trying to figure out where the a big group at the next table were from their language. As some think they were Russians and Germans, I guessed they were Israelis judging from the strong ‘ch’, ‘k’, ‘kh’ sounds. Until I heard somebody called out “Shalom!” to the group that I confirmed they were really Israelis that speaks great Italian too.


I love how the place was homey, it felt like visiting an Italian granny’s place and we were all waiting for her homemade pasta to be served. The ambiance made us felt that way or at least myself for its old school Italian decoration, reminiscing the life in Milan I used to have. When the plates came, every serving was huge (at least for a tiny girl like me), and when my fork dove into my plate and started swirling the pasta, it got me excited. It was good to have Italian dish again in Italy, I thought.


The drizzly day ended our tour and so we went back at the pier where we waited to board the boat to bring us back at the cruise. It was an amazing day at the Amalfi overall, I love how I visited a place I thought I’d only see on the pages of lifestyle magazines, and to enjoy it with my loved one and his family enjoying simple things with them were something worth more than just dreaming to be in that place just to tick it from a non-existing bucket list I have. It was a memory that will surely be told like a history in my family.

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