A cold windy night when we arrived at the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, and we took an hour ride taxi to Marriott’s. It was really windy, I remember 17 degrees Celsius with that strong breeze does not feels the same, not to mention that I am living in Southeast Asia where temperature is normally between 30-45 degrees. Brrrrrr. The soft bed, cold temperature, and tired jet-lagged body were great combination of crash snooze time.

Reminiscing European Lifestyle

The following day, we didn’t waste anytime. We went to have their amazing breakfast and went for a walk along the beach and the harbour in front of the hotel’s restaurant. Chris and I went to shop for some little knick-knacks that made me realize how much I miss European lifestyle, as we went back to the room with our groceries. I went to go on my solo gallivanting around town because I want to spend time taking photos and enjoying what I see at the same time without bothering people. I went to Prince Albert’s palace, around the Fontvielle Square where the museums are and nice little souvenir shops in the palace hill’s tiny alleys.

Exploring Luxurious Country

Three o’clock in the afternoon, the time we’re supposed to meet Chris’ parents and we waited for almost an hour at the lobby finding out they were inn their room resting, after a little rest we went to explore more together. At that time, we rode a bus and paid 2 euros each to Casino de Montecarlo, we wanted to chill out and grab a bite, do as Europeans do by eating out and watch people but we went to the beverage area. Disappointed, because we wanted that spot, we decided to walk around and follow the F1 race track path they are setting up for the following week. Then we stumbled a little pizzeria were we had lunch and relaxed for awhile.

When we’re done eating, we walked again. Luxury cars were everywhere, you have endless luxury car shops, luxury yachts that cruised from all over the world docked at the harbour, car museum, helipad with non-stop helicopters coming in and out, etc. It was a way of life in Monaco and my camera shutter can’t stop working.

Strolling Two Countries Everytime

I love how cool it is walking back and forth in 2 different countries while we were there for 2 days. How? Marriott Hotel is within France territory, and the town which is 5 minutes away is Monaco, which means everytime we walk around town is in Monaco and going back to the hotel is back to France. Awesome!

That same night, our second night there, we went out for an authentic French Dinner. Everyone enjoyed their meals while enjoying each others’ company. It was lovely to meet Chris’ parents that day. What a great day in Monaco.

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