(My room for a night)

It was just a day spent in Kuala Lumpur for my visa run,  Chris booked me a room with Le Meridien for complaining about how expensive it was to stay in a hotel so I thought I would just spend a night at the airport since I’ve done it before.  Thanks to his free miles I got a very nice room with this amazing hotel.

After I booked the hotel, I contacted my old Taguig (place I used to work in the Philippines) roommates that are now based in Kuala Lumpur because they have expressed their excitement to meet me when they found out I was in KL the last time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time then to meet them because I have set to meet other friends and it was a short notice that my old roommates were there.  This time, I made sure to contact them first so we can hang out and catch up around the area.  Karen came and as expected Juvy did not show up.  Karen said she would take the last train going home by 11pm and I doubt it, so I requested a twin bed when I checked in to Le Meridien.

Le Meridien, The Sleek Hotel at The Heart of KL

Just as expected, the hotel is luxurious and beautiful.  Not only that, the factor I like most is that it is really convenient for travelers who are always running in and out of Kuala Lumpur.  It is located at KL Sentral just right at the hub.  It was just next to the train station and the bus terminal, I chose Le Meridien primarily for that.


(Non-smoking twin bed room)

The Room

The hotel has a retro facade, very classy, sleek, and secured vicinity.  I say secured due to their key cards necessary to access your room and elevators (yes, you need your key card to access it).  My room had a huge LCD screen cable TV, it’s complete with everything you need from toiletries, hot & cold shower, bath tub, bidet, robe, fresh towels & linen, well-stocked bar with complimentary coffee and tea, iron and board, slippers, laundry bag, digital-secured safety box, centralized light control pad (which controls every light; side table, wall, reading, and the main light in your room right on your bed side table…plus the clock and alarm with it).


(Classy Bathroom)

The view from the room was awesome, I could not catch it with the lens I’m using but it was cool.  The electricity is card controlled too but they have it separated from your access key card so you would not have to worry about coming into a hot-humid room at a tropical weather, you can still have a cooled down room when you come back.

The Swimming Pool

I hit the swimming pool as soon as I have updated my networks and checked my emails.  I was waiting for Karen there but she sent me a message that she would not join me swimming.  I spent an hour swimming and just enjoying the pool.  The swimming pool I think is shared with The Hilton’s clients too, it was not huge, it was okay but it was not something you expect from Le Meridien.


(Swimming Pool)

The Internet

I enjoyed my cable TV at night and an hour of WiFi Internet in the room which is 45RM/day or 15RM/hour, WiFi at the public areas are complimentary.  I took an hour of the internet but for some reason when I checked out, Nuri, the friendly and helpful receptionist told me there were no charged internet used in my account.  I told her I used an hour and that I’d rather pay it in cash than get it deducted from my credit card but she said “I can’t see anything charged in your account, Ms. Cabildo”.  Surprised as I am, I told her “but I know I used an hour though…”, she replied, “Then maybe it’s free for you!”.  I was like, WOW!  I know it’s not much but if you get rewarded something like that unexpected, you would really appreciate it.  Just like how I could not forget the names of the staff who attended me good despite how I look (like a penniless backpacker in a sleek hotel).

The Restaurant

At the restaurant, breakfast the following morning, I was busy calling and texting friends so as soon I was seated a nice waiter named, Andy, asked me for what drink I prefer.  Soon enough, my endless addiction of Black Coffee in a plunger along with fresh milk and the utensils were served and laid down on my table.  The waiter were so attentive asking anything they can help me with or if there were any requests I want to make.  Helpful.  I roamed around the buffet(unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the restaurant because my camera was packed in my bag and my android was battery drained), they have huge selections of breakfast menu; from Japanese, to Malay, Indian, American, and Italian.  Sushi, rotis, cereals, yoghurt, fresh salad (I love the varieties of vegetable salad), and the salmon/egg canapes were awesome too.  I didn’t get to try others but it was amazing!  Even the kids sitting next table to mine were enjoying it!

Overall, Le Meridien was still a pleasant stay and I would surely come back to enjoy a night or two again one day.  Thanks to all the staff who have made my stay unforgettable.  I wish I asked the housekeeping guy’s name who helped me with the elevators, he was very nice and helpful.

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2 thoughts on “A Day Spent With Le Meridien

  1. Internet should be free in this year, unless you stay there 10 years ago haha
    anyway I would like to recommend you Best Western Premium which close to Le Meridien. Pretty awesome too.

    1. That’s what I was expecting too, because hostels have free WiFi, I was expecting more from the luxury ones like Le Meridien. It was just 2 or 3 months ago…that can’t be 10 years, bec I’m just here in Thailand for more than a year and I won’t deal with visa runs for 10 years, no way!

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