9 Tips on How to Be a Fashion Designer

I just receive an email from an 11 year old reader, Adara, who said she wanted to be a fashion designer when she grow up.   Isn’t it cool she want to be part of the Fashion Weeks, she wants to go to Paris, meet other designers and A-Listers! Adara, is cute to ask me about it plus the fact that my blog is read by young fashion enthusiast just like herself is overwhelming.  That is why in return that she interacts with me and my blog, as well as her fascination in fashion, in this post I would like to atleast help her as much as I can do to ignite more the flame of fashion inside her.

9 Tips on How to Be a Fashion Designer

Adara asked me what does my blog can do to help her start her career in fashion? Hmmm…interesting.  I, myself didn’t know was into fashion when I was young.  The only thing I know is that growing up I always want to stand out and look good, not just to look like most people that follow trends.  I love accessories and shoes the most!  In college, I accidentally took Fashion Design and Merchandising in one of the Prestigious School of Fashion in the Philippines, I dropped out because I thought I’m not that serious in fashion and that I can’t sketch as good as my classmates.

Then when I started blogging, fashion is just one of the topic that I wanted to do.  Going on to the next step, it made me realize that I am fascinated and more serious in taking the fashion passion to the next level.  I am not a fashion designer, but I could help atleast from some of my professor’s advice back home…

9 Tips on How to Be a Fashion Designer

  1. Follow what your heart desires. It doesn’t matter whatever you want to become.  Most likey than not, people that follows their heart succeed more than people who follows conditioning.
  2. Be resourceful. A fashion designer should know the basics, specially if you’re starting and don’t have enough budget.  This should NOT stop you to do what you love to do.
  3. Be creative. It’s always good to know the trends, but it doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice your creativity and uniqueness.  Your idea should be dominant on what you create because it is from you that you want to share the world.
  4. Know Limits. In fashion industry, there are always a lot of rules and no-no’s but when it comes to looking good, you should knowthat you are not a slave to that rules.
  5. Do Not Sacrifice Creativity. Do not sacrifice your creativity to the rules, yet do not overly abuse going against the acceptable limitations.
  6. Start Your Own. Do not wait to be discovered by someone known to fashion.  Start Your Own and they will find you.  People have different ways to do it, some join reality contests on TV, some risk and put up their own boutique, some do it to do it themselves.
  7. You Are Your First Model. How you dress and style yourself will the first judgment.  If people think you dress great and they would always want to know where did you get it from? That’s the best way to advertise your own creation.
  8. Know How to Dance. I didn’t mean literally, but it’s cool if you will do it like that! lol…I mean, you should know the flow of the industry to succeed, just like the crisis that is happening right now, create solutions to the problem.  Know what to do in certain situation.
  9. Be Innovative. Know how to mix and match ideas that will work in fabrics.  Sometimes the sketches wouldn’t look as great in the output if you chose the wrong materials.  Be artistic and flowy, don’t stick to a formula that doesn’t work for you, it might not be for you.

These are 9 Tips on How to Be a Fashion Designer, some were gained from my few months stay to the Fashion Class, and some from observation.  I now know that I might not become a fashion designer because I don’t draw really good, but I know now that I’m great at styling and my creativy in putting ideas into fabric is better than putting on paper!

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