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Travelling teaches one a lot. Especially when you chose to travel on a budget. It gives you the confidence of seeing beautiful places knowing that you’d not live in the luxuries of swanky hotels. It lets you explore with an open mind and teaches you to talk to strangers. Before you wanderlust luxury tours, you must travel on a budget to let yourself understand the beauty of the unknown and the un-wandered.



This country has been recently strewn with various affordable hotels like the boutique Clover Hotel whose charges start from $133 and Plot Hotels in pod-style. It is easier now for every person on a tight budget to explore the attractions near Gardens by the Bay and indulge in the much talked-about street food.



The metropolis in Canada has quite inexpensive diversions to offer the tourists, such as the St. Lawrence Market’s food stalls and Chinatown shops. In addition to these there are several reasonably priced attractions like the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (entry fee starts from $33) and Ripley’s Aquarium (entry fee starts from $30).

Krakow, Poland

Here is a location that was recently designated by UNESCO as the City of Literature; where four-star hotels cost as less as $110 per night and apartments with all services cost about $64 a night. Apart from the cultural events in Krakow, the historical architecture of the Old Town is charming.

Mexico City

One of the safest places in the world, Mexico has an enormously increasing police presence (an officer per 100 citizens). Among all the affordable attractions in the city, the best one is the Metropolitan Cathedral and Museo Jumex that has opened recently. Tickets start from $2.30.

Nashville, Tenn

There surely is a fee for entering Johnny Cash Museum, but there are no cover charges to enter the bars that are lined up along the highway called Honky Tonk. The Centennial Park and Smoky Mountains nearby are other options.

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Downtown Las Vegas

The place for budget travelers to get the best deals, is downtown. This includes the free displays seen at the Burlesque Hall of Fame and the cheapest lodgings at the Downtown Grand that starts from $36.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Most of the attractions in this cultural and political capital are free, including National Gallery of Modern Art and even tours inside the Scottish Parliament.

Panama City, Panama

It is the 100th year of the Panama Canal but do not go by the age of the architectures in the city, most hotels and lodgings are brand new with exciting prices. In Aloft suites cost $122 per night. Head towards the inner city for enjoying the coffee farms and rain forests in case you are tired of the Miraflores Locks in the canal.

Avarua District, Cook Islands

The beaches here have white sand and the district is a tourist attraction primarily because of the very little commercial development and the hospitality offered by the English-speaking residents. Non-stop flights to this South Pacific location are available in as less as $894 for a round trip, from Los Angeles, that is offered by Air New Zealand. The prices offered in this case are much lesser than the flights for Tahiti or Fiji. The prices for basic lodgings in the island depends on the choice you make since there are options in Vara’s Beach House for $17 a night, and also $229 for a night in the Magic Reef Bungalows.

Irrespective of whether you’re heading out for a Short stay Dubai or a back packing, month long trip to the different countries of Europe, to know what real travel is, do hop on the budgeted side of it. You won’t regret one bit of it.

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