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Holi Festival originated from India, from their Hindu celebration, people celebrate it with a bonfire the night before the Holi celebration called, Holika Bonfire. Followed by the ‘Festival of Colors’ in the morning which symbolizes the celebration in commemoration of good winning over evil. The festival is now widely celebrated even in other Southeast Asian countries as well.

(Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi)

Just by the look of it, the celebration seems fun which is why I came to Kuala Lumpur and tried it. The Hindu community in that city opened their gates to everybody but only with a quota. It was ridiculously, unbelievably, fun! It was more than what I expected it to be.

How I Found Out About It

I found out about the celebration through Couch Surfing event, when I got there there was a long queue of people in white T-shirts patiently waiting under the heat just to celebrate, and because it was too hot, I decided to go in front at the gate and see what’s happening.  To make the story short, we got in by a semi-stampede that pushed us in! It was a bit scary, yet funny we got in because of it.

8 Tips Before Celebrating Holi Festival

Not to bore you with all my funny antics before we got in, instead here are the tips as to how to celebrate Holi Festival without getting your face stained for days with colors!

  1. Wear an old white shirt.  After the festival, you won’t recognize ‘white’ anymore and you’d throw it away afterwards because there is no way you can wash it back to WHITE again.
  2. Put on oil to the exposed parts of your body*  This is so that the colors will not stick too much on your skin.  It took me 2 days to get it off my face with constant scrubbing while in a bath, yet some stuck with me up until Day 3 on my arms, neck, and scalp. (*Make sure to not stay under the sun for so long.)
  3. Wear arm sleeves/long sleeved shirt.  I still have color stains on my arms and this will protect you from having it.
  4. Wear glasses/sunglasses.  These protect your eyes from the powder attacks and unexpected “Happy Holi” color wipes.  Some people throw colors in the air for everyone (I did that too).
  5. Avoid getting splashed by water.  Water is not good when it doesn’t wipe the colors out.  It would only make it worse staining on your face, so once you start sweating or you’ve been splashed by water, wash the most parts you were splashed, wash your face and hair, clear up the colors and get ready for the next batch when you dry.
  6. Bring extra old clothes.  When you’re done celebrating, you will still have colors on you and even if you changed, it will still stick on your clean shirt, so use old clothes for changing too.
  7. Bring plastic bags/waterproof bags.  Your change clothes and valuables should be protected from water and powder, otherwise they’re ruined (my android died because of too much powder and sweat moist).
  8. Bring soap.  It might help you clean up afterwards.


Prepare for the fun, it might ruin the fun if you’re not prepared.  Overall, I love it! Enjoyed it to the max and the most important is that my company enjoyed it too!

(Photo and Video Credits: GD McBoo)

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