Khanom – A nice small beach town in Southern Thailand just at the coast of Suratthani province. Khanom is such a quiet laid back little town popular to hippie expats and artistic individuals wherein they can showcase their artistry and performing skills after a nice beach bumming day.  This morning while were having our breakfast, the owner of the resort asked us what are we planning to do for the day, but because of the failed attempt of going to the waterfalls and the beach due to bad weather, we asked her what is there to do in Khanom.  Here’s some of her recommendations and my compilation of 8 Things To Do in Khanom.

khanom8(Hin Lat Riverside)

8 Things To Do in Khanom

Watching Pink Dolphins

The resort owner mentioned that Khanom is popular for the Pink Dolphins.  However, since the weather is not good, it is impossible to see the amazing pink dolphins at the moment.  If you get here at the right time and you want to see the dolphins, here’s what you should do. At the Pink Dolphins Pier, you can hire a boat for 1500 THB to roam around the bay where the pink dolphins live, the recommended time to do it is between 8-10am.  I would want to try this if its not rainy(argh!).

Island Hopping

Khanom is located just opposite Koh Samui, one of the most popular islands in Thailand and the party island Koh Panggan.  Yes, the famous island to celebrate full moon to half moon parties is just next to Koh Samui.  Small islands that are closer for island hopping were Koh Wang Nai, Koh Wang Nok,  Koh Tan, Koh Mat Sum, Koh Rap.  Near the Donsak Ferry Pier, there’s also Koh Nui, Koh Ta Rai, Koh Phi (this is different from Koh Phi Phi), and Koh Tum.

Attend The Full Moon Party

Since Koh Panggan is just opposite Koh Samui, it is the popular island for attending Full Moon Party.  This is where backpackers crowd to party like animals as they say.  I’m not a party animal and I’m not dying to do it, but I want to attend Full Moon Party at Koh Panggan once.  If I have a bucket list, maybe that’s something to tick off that list kinda thing (maybe I should create my bucket list, hmmm…).


Temple Visits

There are 5 temples on the map, and if not for the weather I might visit at least one of it (probably ask a local to recommend me the best and coolest temple though).  Since I’m living in Thailand, I get to see tons of temple everyday and I think I’m starting to get over wanting to see temples already.  Temples nearby are Kradang Nga, Chedi Luang, Suwan Bunpot, Coral Stupa, and another without a name on my map.


The town have 3 caves that they boast for spelunkers who are fond of exploring caves.  Caves are named Khao Wang Thong Cave, Khao Krot Cave, and Khao Phra Cave.  The first two mentioned were the recommended ones from a local blog I once read (I forgot the url, I’m just basing it on the familiarity of the cave names as I’m looking at this map).  I didn’t get to see any of this (again, because of the weather! grrr!), but I can say judging from the map I got from the reception, this is quite an interesting town.



5 waterfalls are visible on my map, and from the occasional sunshine we did try to see 2 of them; Samed Choon and Hin Lat Waterfalls.  Due to the bad weather and inconsistent signs we only get to see one, which is the latter.  The resort owner said, the former is bigger and what she recommends but because of the first fail that we almost blew a tire and still couldn’t find it, we didn’t try it again.  Other waterfalls are Song Pi Nong Waterfall, Thanoi Waterfall, and Waterfall Cho.


(Khanom’s Nai Plao Beach)

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Obviously, if dolphins can live here then other sea creatures are living here too, which makes it a great diving and snorkeling site.  There are resorts offering scuba diving services if you wish to.

Beach Bumming and Swimming

Beach is a major factor of a location when I’m choosing a place to visit, a water baby like me can recreate Little Mermaid every opportunity presented.  Khanom have a really nice beach and if you want a better beaches, sure the islands would have them, just take a pick.


(Checking out and posing for this shot at Nai Plao Beach)

Looking on the map, there’s a lot to explore and discover in this town.  The country side and the landscapes took my breath away, it’s gorgeous here.  I would love to move and live in a town like this!  This would actually make me pre-occupied every weekend exploring, plus the fact that its more laid back here making it easier for me to use a motorbike on my own.

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