When I was in the Philippines, work from home (WFH) is a little impossible if you don’t own a business that allows you to do that. As a shy and timid Filipina, often misunderstood in this new world I live in, I knew finding a WFH job here is not impossible. No matter how many times they tell me it’s not possible, I never believed what they said.

7 Reasons Why I Love Working from Home

Just more than a year later, I finally proved them wrong. Now, I’m happily working at the comfort of my home and I love it! Why wouldn’t I? Here are my reasons why.

1) No Traffic. I do not have to rush and worry about beating the traffic to be at work on time.

2) Saves Gas. Since I do not need to drive to work means, saves me gas money. Depending on how far to drive going to work eats a portion of my salary for gas budget.

3) No Dress Codes. No dress codes to follow, therefore it saves me money buying ‘business casual attire’ unless I’m doing a ‘video business meeting’. Better than daily uncomfortable starched shirts and carefully ironed trousers.

4) Food Choice. Obviously, I still eat lunch and snacks on my breaks (of course, I have normal breaks too) but I eat all I can have from our pantry or easy cook something from the fridge that may have been otherwise forbidden in a regular office setting.

5) Multi-Tasking Privilege. As a wife, you want your home to be cozy and do chores during breaks. I can start our laundry in the morning and switch it to the dryer during break and get it ready for folding at the end of my shift!

6) No Office Gossiping, Bullying, and Politics. Office or corporate work ethics aren’t widely exercised especially at the entry level jobs here in the US. It’s totally a culture I do not understand, wasting energy to judge people they know nothing about.

7) Performance Focus. Because I do not have to worry about #6, I can just focus in doing my job well and let my virtual bosses know how I perform through my stats.

I can keep going because working from home gives me the liberty to grow as a person and in my career without worrying about what other people think. It is freedom for me. I need to travel, I’m ecstatic when I do.

There are many companies now that offers a work from home position that one can take advantage of. It is the future workforce of the digital world. Soon, there will be limitless options for it because more and more virtual entrepreneurs are coming out. Hopefully, one day I’d be one of the successful virtual entrepreneurs out there. In God’s will.

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