It’s Summer Time!!!

Summer is almost over in Southeast Asia but is just about to start in Europe, US, and in later months in Australia which is why there’s no stopping me to feature “The 7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits”.

I know everyone loves two-piece swimsuits but for me the two piece high waisted swimwear just looks like something I usually see from my mother’s underwear drawer. No offense mom, you know what I’m talking about.

7 Classy High Waist One Piece Swimsuits

Yet, high-waisted ones are especially for those who wants to hide some ‘belt bags’ there (although fit and well chiseled bodies can wear it too), you know what I mean if you have researched articles about “What swimsuit is best for your body type?”.

Now that the high waist swimwear is the trend, I prefer my one piece high waist swimsuit and 7 of my best choice were the ones in the photo. What do you think? Are they classy enough for a high waist one-piece swimsuit for you?

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