In the Philippines, beautiful women are set to parade during the month of May called Sagala.  Which makes every Filipino family with pretty ladies busy finding Awesome Sagala Dresses for Flores de Mayo.  The tradition is called Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) which obviously happen every month of May in commemoration of a Catholic Religious Ceremonial Feast.  Depicting the quest of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena, mother of Constantine the Great.  The Queen is the most important character in the parade.

What is Sagala?

Sagala is a beauty pageant associated in this parade of women in their best dresses during Flores de Mayo, and I meant, their Awesome Sagala Dresses for Flores de Mayo.  It is not really a pageant anymore but a simple traditional parade (in some provinces, they still have the pageant).   All women in the community are welcome to join and before the parade, the role of the Queen Helena were being voted (in some towns and provinces, appointed) and the rest of the religious characters to parade were appointed as well.

Parade titles can be used in 2 different ways:

  • Biblical Characters & Personifications
  • Marian Titles

In most cases, they were not all used in the parade due to their abilities to attend the meeting before  The Sagala.  Since it is during summer season, members are from different provinces who apparently spend their summer vacation in a relatives’ town.  Yet, all the fun of this  festive parade, flower offering ceremony, and the feast is amazing.  The biggest parades and the ‘best of the bests’ happens at the  end of May.  Let me help you look for your 7 Awesome Sagala Dresses for Flores de Mayo…

7 Awesome Sagala Dresses for Flores de Mayo


These are my best picks and you can check out more elegant designs for Flores de Mayo tradition at their best prices.

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