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Does white sand beaches, turquoise water, fine dining, water sports, and luxurious accommodations sounds like a honeymoon destination? Yet, you might be interested hearing the 6 Undeniable Reasons to Go to Maldives.  Imagine spending time with your loved one in this pristine paradise. US News Travel has ranked the Maldives 10th on its Top 20 honeymoon destinations.

The country boasts having the most beautiful islands on earth.  In terms of both population and land area, the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. The country is just 1.5m or 4’11 ft above sea level, making the country a perfect spot for water adventure and adrenaline junkies of every type.

Turf and Surf

In the smallest Asian country of 1,192 islands Surfing is one of the favorite activities.  From June to September the swell reaches 3-8 feet high with Male surf breaks being one of the most popular surfing spots.  It is a total haven for surfers.  Chilling out in paradise and enjoying the waves of turquoise clear water. Can you think anything better than that?

Paddle Board

When the topic is all about surfing, it is not limited to just catching waves.  Have you ever tried paddle boarding?  It is a serene exploration over the water using paddle boards in calm water. The Maldives doesn’t just have waves, but that serene calm water as well.


Whether it be scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, or even reef walking, Maldives is one of the best place to do it! Due to its geographical composition and tropical location, the marine resources are rich with amazing and colorful marine life that attracts divers from all over the world.

Relax, Chill, Unwind

Bali may be famous for the three words “Eat. Pray, Love”, but the Maldives is famous for the words Relax, Chill, Unwind.  From the luxurious spa centers, to water sports, swimming in the crystal clear water or sunbathing on white pure beach sand, it has it all. Doesn’t this sound like your dream vacation? How about a dream honeymoon destination?


Do you have any doubt that this is a great honeymoon spot? After all the surveys, travel companies and media have already certified this country to be one of the most recommended places on earth, how could you doubt this destination? If the things mentioned do not stir your interest (that would be unbelievable), look at the lists of other things to do from other well known travel experts and media.  Have a look at the links below.

Aerial Tour

You think that’s all Maldives has to offer? Wrong! Not only is there gorgeous water, lush greens, and incredible underwater adventures, there is also beauty at the highest level. Are you still skeptical? If you want to be proved wrong, the Maldives also has amazing Aerial Tours available as well. You can enjoy the view high up the sky and see how amazing the Maldives is from high above.  From whatever angle, this country is sparkling and one of the top vacation spots on earth.  Inquire with your resort or hotel’s reception about the tour; aside from enjoying the aerial view upon flying in and out of the country, you might want to spend more time and more intimate ways of seeing it.

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