(I got my lower leg suntanned than the rest of me, this calls for Tip #5)

Summer in Southeast Asia is almost whole year around, but in some continents they’re not so everyone from there will be working hard to get in good shape to be able to wear as little as they can confidently and get that gorgeous tan.  You’ll probably want to read about 6 tips on how to get a great tan.

Before I move on to ramble my 6 Tips on How to Get A Great Tan, this post will be unusual for me since I’m an Asian living in Asia.  Why?  Here are the 2 reasons as observed from where I came from.

Asians are too conscious to have a lighter skin because…

  1. Having a fair skin means status.  In most parts of Asia where there is much sun, ancient laborers works too much under the sun and the privileged ones stay in the comfort and shade of their homes.  These is I think why most Asians appreciate not just the color of the skin but how smooth it is, meaning you have enough time to care about your skin(and putting tons of whitening skincare products!).
  2. People with whiter skin is prettier, for most Asian standards.  Again, status counts.
  3. Skin covers most part of your body which signifies good well being having a good skin.  Chinese loves their herbal teas and sulfur baths maximizing of how they want their skin to be as healthy and clear as it is.

Okay, enough for that.  Let’s get you ready to have that amazing looking tan for this summer.  I am not an expert or a dermatologist but these are the healthy sunbathing tips I can give you from my point of view since I do it with care when I do.

6 Tips on How to Get A Great Tan

  1. Wear sunblock.  I know you want to get darker so why put a sunblock, right? Wrong, sunblock protects you from UV rays that can harm your skin and may cause skin cancer.  You can avail the lesser SPF protection if you wish to but having a sunblock on is better than nothing. Or you can imagine broiling yourself under the sun without any seasoning or condiments will make you a dry meat after the heat, roasted, a.k.a sunburned.  Don’t forget to wear you sunglasses and hat to protect your eyes and face too, just to remind you.nude-tan-summer
  2. Sunbathe with as little as possible.  Having a great tan is better without those strange tan lines from your swimsuits when you wear your off-shoulder dress at a party, wear your strapless bikini, or strip those straps when sunbathing (or maybe you can sunbathe on a nude beach!).
  3. Drink lots of water.  You don’t think you’ll get great tan if you’re dehydrated, do you? Your skin won’t lie, if you’re dehydrated flaky and wrinkly skin will show, and that’s not gorgeous.
  4. Dip in the water every now and then.  You don’t want to get your skin too tight from having a dehydrated epidermis, you know that your epidermis will get all the heat waves from the sun and it will feel tighter as it gets cooked.  You might want to make it easier for your skin as you torture it just to get that gorgeous tan you want.
  5. Even out the exposure.  Try to even out your sun exposure by timing how much you’d expose your back with the same time to expose your front under the sun to get an equal tone of your natural bronze when you’re done.  You don’t want to look a half-cooked donut with darker at the other side, do you?
  6. Use after sun lotion.  After the broiling session, after sun lotion would be appreciated by your skin.  It would at least soothes your warm-fresh-from-the-broiler skin.

There’s my personal precautions to protect your skin and at the same time, get that gorgeous tan you always long for during the grey season.  Have a great summer!

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